Review: Henri Calayag Bent Eyeliner Brush

Being an eyeliner addict, I'm always on the lookout for the best eyeliner brush. I have 9 eyeliner (flat and angled) brushes and I still feel that I need more. I never liked flat eyeliner brushes because I find it difficult to use. I have 2 MAC 266 brushes and I think they're the best among the ones I have. However, there are still times when it's still difficult to use. The first time I saw a bent eyeliner brush was either at Coastal Scents site or Crown brushes site. I was really curious about it but it's not available locally (boo!). So, when I found out about Henri Calayag's bent eyeliner brush, I was so damn curious on getting my hands on it. While I was having dinner with the boyfriend and his friends at Fely J's, I really had to excuse myself to buy the most talked about Henri Calayag brush at Myth.

retails at Php395

I immediately tried the bent eyeliner with my MAC fluidline.

eyes closed

eyes opened


I've never perfected the winged eye look. My eyes don't look like twins, more of sisters. The left one always looks better than the right one. If you look at my closed eyes, it's as if there's no line at all. If you look at my opened eyes, the wing effect looks natural than overdone. And you know how long it took me to do it? About 2 seconds, I guess. I was able to line my eyes and wing it in one glide!
I think it's simply amazing.

- thin line can be achieved easily
- easier to use cos it's bent
- availably locally
- easy to clean! Just dip it so that the bristles won't go all over the place!

In between:
- travel size (depends if you like long handled brushes or not)
- price (depends if you're the type who really invests in brushes)


Henri Calayag bent eyeliner brush is sold for Php395 at Myth Greenbelt 5 and Henri Calayag Salons.


  1. yes everyone is talking about the bent eyeliner brush!!!

  2. i've been thinking about this brush for a long time now! haha

  3. wow this is nice! but i dont know how to use a fine tip liner brush.. =(

  4. @ ♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥: perhaps people talk about the this brush because it's bent! haha idk

    @ Crystal: me too. But sometimes you just have to buy it to stop thinking about it! It's not exactly an HG brush but it's really nice to have. :)

    @ Khymm: it's easy lang Khymm. It's just like any other flat or angled brush! :)

  5. Your eyes look natural, very pretty =)

    I don't use liquid liners because I can't apply it, as in CAN'T, and I look kontrabida LOL.

    I'll just watch other girls flaunt it =D

  6. wow that eyeliner brush looks really good! very precise!

  7. @ neurochiq: Try gel liners then practice practice practice! Or try brown instead of black so you won't look like a contrabida :)

    @ mint: it is! :)


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