Pond's Haul

Good afternoon ladies! How's everyone doing inspite the rainy weather? Hope everything is still well!

Last August 15, Pond's began their month-long sale (20%-70% off) of most of their products. I was looking forward to get the microdermabrasion kit because it was down to Php300+ from Php1299. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one because it was sold out everywhere and the SA in Megamall told me that they're not gon have any stock until October. Geez, no wonder it was on sale haha!

So, here are the products that I got:

Pond's toner
Pond's anti-bacterial facial scrub
Pond's age miracle cream serum
Pond's age miracle dual eye therapy UV
Pond's age miracle overnight repair dream
Pond's flawless white day cream (not in photo)

Perhaps you can tell how much I love Pond's. Hehe. My favorite product would have to be the Dual Eye Therapy. The one I bought last month is actually my second jar already. What I love about it is that, unlike most eye cream products that only focus on our under eye circles, Pond's focuses on the under eye circles and eye lids. Thus the dual eye therapy. The white cream is for the under eye circles. I don't know if it's just me but it's seems to have a bit of shimmer. It kinda stings my eyes too. The pink cream is for the lids. And believe me, a little goes a long way.

The next product I love is their anti-bacterial facial scrub. It retails for Php125 and it doesn't make my skin dry that I start to peel off unlike other facial scrub *ahem180degreesbynuskin*.

It's the first time I've tried their age miracle serum and overnight cream. So far, I'm loving it and thankfully, I didn't break out! Oh, did I say that it has a lovely smell too?

I was also planning to stock up on these goodies. But I also realised that a jar takes me at least 4 months to finish. My dermatologist also told me that it's not really ideal to stick with one beauty product (especially drugstore products) because instead of making your skin better (or whatever the product promises), your skin just gets immuned to it. Therefore, the product doesn't become that effective. It's just all about the placebo effect. So, if you really like a certain beauty product, you should alternate it with your second best product once you finish a jar/tube for it work. Weird, I know.

How about you? Did you give in to Pond's sale craze?

Sorry for the lack of FOTDs. I'm camera-less for a week. =(
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  1. The Dual Eye therapy of age Miracle series has to be my favorite too, I stocked up on that since the microdermabrasion kit seemed impossible to find after I was able to buy one.

    See you Oct 1 and 2 at The Enterprise Luxe Beauty Sale gem! Let's hoard!!

  2. Too bad I missed their sale, I would really those age miracle products like the ones above, especially the night creams :(

    I wish they would extend their sale. Watsons and all department stores had these enticing discount-sale banners plastered all over the place.

  3. @ Cabyness: That dual eye therapy is almost everyone's favorite haha! I'll be in TEC after office hours so I'm hoping that I will be able to hoard on the good stuff. I might be too late for it when I get there haha!

    @ Aicha: I'm loving their night cream. I've been lemming for it ever since but I find it expensive, it being a drugstore brand. Give it a try :)

  4. I'm glad i just work behind TEC, i'll be there 10am sharp of october 1. I'll have to excuse myself politely at work. Message me your number so I can tell you the good stuff. I'll ask din baka pwede mag pa hold ako for you. hehe

  5. @ Cabyness: you can ask Anna for my number. It's also on my FB profile. :)

  6. Pond's have some nice products. I like their wipes for removing makeup

  7. @ BeautyTalk: Ooh, I'll try that soon!


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