A Month of Blogging, Unwanted Tan + Award

It's Sunday but since it's another long weekend here in MNL, there's no pressure to sleep early tonight. =P

As any other beauty blogger, I started this blog because of my love for make-up. Today marks as my first month and one day of beauty blogging. This beauty blog might seem to lack a lot of FOTDs but I still find beauty blogging very therapeutic. You can tell how much I blog here than on my other personal blog.

It's just kind of ironic that when this blog started, I was on the verge of giving make up. I got an unwanted tan last June that made my skin tone an NC42 from NC30. This is the very reason why I started selling my makeup. The photos below show how burned my skin is.

last March 2009

last August 2009

left photo: taken last March 2009
right photo: taken last June 2009, a week after getting the unwanted tan

See how dark I am now? If you look closely, I had the same make-up on different occasions and I looked eeww on the right photo. After that night, I told myself to not use makeup until I got my original skin tone back. It's been 3 months and I'm still stuck with my tan.

But of course, being a beauty junkie, I started looking for an alternative foundation for my MAC. I wanted to buy a MAC foundation in NC42 this time but I chose not to. Firstly, it's expensive (php1500). Secondly, my MAC foundation (NC30) has about 90% left in its compact. I have several foundation but they're of the same shade so they're basically no use to me now. Thirdly, I still can't accept the fact that I'm so dark already ='(

I was ranting to my mom about my skintone then she suddenly remembered that she has this mineral foundation that she hasn't used because it's too dark for her. She gave it to me so I can give it a try.

Neutrogena Mineral foundation in Buff; MAC Foundation in NC30

It's darker than NC30 but it's still light for my skintone. But it can suffice so I'll continue using Neutrogena until I finish the pan or until my skintone is back. I also found wonders on Ellana so I alternate that with my Neutrogena foundation.


I got another award from Dee! I'm not sure what this award is called but I love it! I love receiving awards hehe.

Rules of Acceptance:
*Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
*Nominate 7 other blogs.
*Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

1. They say, "time is gold." I'm a firm believer in this so I hate being late.
2. I can easily open up to anyone if I wanted to.
3. "Behavior is my expertise."
4. I'm a perfectionist at times and I get in trouble for this cos I unintentionally offend people.
5. I laugh easily.
6. I'm blunt. Very.
7. I get shy alot.


  1. Happy first month Gem :) On your unwanted tan, it sucks to really get a tan when you didn't intend to but thank goodness for reasonably-priced makeup, right? :) I especially loved the 3rd photo. You're stunning!

  2. Yeah, happy first month of beauty blogging. :P

    I know exactly how you feel about your unwanted tan. I hate it when I can't wear the usual make up I use as it takes months, even years to get my original color back. Cyleina worked wonders for me and I'm on my way back to achieving my natural skin color. :P I dropped from NC30 to NC35 and now I'm an NC30 again.

  3. Congrats & Happy 1 Month!

    I have that unwanted tan myself. Well more or less since i only tanned everywhere else EXCEPT my face, so just imagine what my face and arm body comparison is. It's so hard to blend makeup since i have so many other tones contrasting my face. Ugggh!

    How do you like the Neutrogena?

  4. Cute photos! I have a photo up on my blog too with the UP background. =)

    I too laugh at almost everything and pretty shy as well.

  5. you're still pretty though your tan.
    there's nothing wrong with dark skin, haha, cause i have one.
    anyways, i loved Up, did you?
    Nice photos!

  6. @ Thanks Teeyah! :) I really miss my skin tone on the third photo haha! I just can't seem to get over it!

    @ Pammy: I've also herd good reviews about Cyleina but I'm still finishing up this moiturizing soap. I might give it a try when I have extra money. Haha! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    @ Cheechun: Yeh, blending becomes a biatch. About the Neutrogena, I like it aside from the fact that it's still lighter than my tanned skin tone. But it really does give your skin a flawless look without looking made up. Plus, it's affordable!

    @ Sassy J'adore: I so love UP! It made me cry more than The Time Traveler's Wife!

    @ ambiguous_angel: Thanks! I don't have anything against people with dark skin. Actually, I love getting a tan. I just never thought I'd get super tan. My problem more is that I can't use my makeup (foundation) anymore cos it's too light and I can't seem to blend things perfectly like I used to prior to getting that tan :)

  7. Hey sweetie. You are still gorgeous with or without the tan. I've been trying to get a tan but instead I end up getting a really bad sun burn. I always loved that golden tan look because it looks really healthy. I've just always been pale as casper and i found myself looking sickly pale sometimes. Thank goodness for make up though, it really works wonders. hehehe

  8. @ Mel: Yeh, I like he tanned look too. But I got too tan that it turned out bad. Hehe! My next beach trip is in Pearl Farm and I'm definitely putting alot of sunblock since my skintone now is already tan :)

  9. You're still very pretty with the darker skintone, though :)

  10. Hey! Thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours too now! I think that you look great both lighter and darker, however the darker made your eyes and make-up pop because of the contrast!

  11. Unwanted tans are a pain! I'm still battling a tan I got in April. Regardless, you are still one gorgeous girl :]

  12. @ Liang: Thannks! Yay, you feel me about my tan! :)


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