MMU is love.

I've said in my previous posts that I've always been curious about mineral makeup. I finally got my hands on Ellana, Barenaturals, and Maybelline's mineral makeup line last month. Since then, my take on makeup has definitely changed.

When I had my first mmu haul, I focused more on the foundation and blush rather than eyeshadows. Why? I need good and intensive coverage due to my uneven/tanned skin. Haha! Plus, my everyday look is the no-makeup look and I thought it's time I pay attention more to my cheeks than my eyes.

So, here are the swatches of the mmu I bought about a month ago:

without flash
twilight, twinkle, happiness, fulfillment, hazelnut latte, almond latte, innocence, awake

with flash

I alternate hazelnut latte and almond latte as foundation. It usually depends on what pot I grab on my desk. They both work fine on my face. I use happiness as my blush when I'm at work and I use fulfillment during weekends. I use the concealers daily. I've only used the eyeshahows twice since I don't go out much nowadays and I prefer to just line my eyes and put mascara when I'm at work.

Then there goes Maybelline's mineral makeup line. At first, I thought it would be disappointing since from my experience, some of their products disappointed me. But I bought their mineral makeup line anyway cos I was curious.

liquid foundation in Shell Beige, Php299
powder foundation in Buff, Php599
blush in Original Rose, Php499
Sorry, I don't have swatches of these products but I tell you they do blend pretty well. The first time I used this, I got several comments from my officemates and especially the boyfriend. They all said that there was something new about my look that they couldn't figure out. They also kept on asking me if I had makeup on. When I said "yes," their eyes got bigger out of shock I guess. My friend even said I looked like a Pond's girl aka the no-makeup makeup look. They also liked how the blush suits my skin. And of course, the boyfriend said I looked pretty. Amazing! Haha!

My officemates/friends said nice comments when I was using Ellana. But they gave nicer comments when I started using Maybelline. So, Maybelline didn't disappoint me this time. Yay for that! Another plus points for including a kabuki brush for the powder foundation and blush. If you have a flat top brush, stippling brush, or a kabuki brush, I suggest you use that. Maybelline's kabuki brush isn't bad (isn't that soft either) but it will suffice if you don't have one.

So, here's my look using Maybelline's mineral makeup line and Ellana's mineral eyeshadows:

I moisturized my face using Stila's Hydrating Primer using Elf's foundation brush. I applied Maybelline's liquid foundation using a wedge sponge. I applied Ellana's corrective concealers using BN's eco concealer brush. I set everything with Maybelline's powder foundation using BN's flat top brush. I applied MAC paintpot in Painterly all over my lids as base using the same brush. I applied Ellana's Twinkle on my lids using Elf's eyeshadow brush. I applied Ellana's Twilight on my crease and upper lid using MAC 226 brush. I put on Elf's falsies. I applied Maybelline's blush in Original Rose using Charm's blush brush. I moisturized my lips using Olay Regenerist and applied my fave Shu Uemura lipstick.

I'm still not a pro when it comes to mmu but can I just say that it's really love?! I don't care if it's messy at times. I just need more practice on applying it. The thing that I love most when I started mmu is that people started complimenting how great my skin is or the total look and not my makeup. So they were actually complimenting the beauty and not the makeup.

Mineral makeup is affordable and a little goes a long way. What's even great is that they are available in tester sizes (1g) so you can try them without having to spend too much.
Enjoy the long weekend ladies!


  1. I gotta agree, you look glowing and very pretty! :)

  2. I'm also currently using that maybelline powder and blush...and loving it...

  3. I love how you look! Your base is so natural and flawless-looking. I hope you can do a tutorial on applying MMU sometime, especially the base part. I have a hard time preventing it from looking cakey. Do you think maybe it's with the primer?

  4. wow your skin looks pretty flawless! <3 very natural looking for sure! <3
    you look hot! <3
    hows the staying power?

  5. I love mineral foundation too, it's so natural and easy to apply (messy in the beginning but when we get used to it, it's not as messy). I'm using e.l.f mineral powder and I'm happy with. Thanks for the review though, I'm curious to try maybelline minerals now ^^

  6. very pretty! :)
    i saw this line from maybelline when i went to the mall, i want to get one too but there's no SA or testers around to help me get my shade :( i'll just check it again next time

    im glad you gave it a positive feedback! heehee hooray for MMU! <3

  7. the maybelline looks great! i'm an mmu addict talaga and i have pots and pots of foundation and all! it's what i use everyday (though i don't have the maybelline). it's great because it's skin-friendly and pocket-friendly too!

  8. CUUTE. Nice blog girl! Hey I just wanted to let you know that I am selling a Juicy Couture Baby Tote Bag! Check it out and let me know if your interested!

  9. Maybelline's been trying to improve its products. I was also disappointed with some of their products before, but lately, the ones that I've bought are good.

    I have not tried using mineral make-up. How different is it from the regular make-up? I always see concessionaires at bazaar selling mineral make-up.

  10. @ Teeyah: Thanks! I'm really loving Maybelline's mmu line :)

    @ adin_22: It is love, yeh?!

    @ Soapaholic: I'm not sure if it's because of the primer. Hmm.. sure I'll do a tutorial then I'll let you know about it! :)

    @ Kay: Thanks Kay! The staying power is good especially if you're just in an air conditioned place for 8 hours! :)

    @ Carine: I haven't tried Elf's mineral makeup line but I heard they're good too. You should try Maybelline. It's very promising!

    @ oOchaOo: Don't listen to SAs. You'd know better when it comes to your skin tone. Cos sometimes they recommend the wrong shade. Initially I got the liquid foundation in Buff but I exchanged it for Shell Beige because it was too dark for me. I suggest you swatch them first. Go outside the mall for natural light then decide which shade to get :)

  11. @ Crystal: I so agrre with you! :)

    @ r u s s: It's different in alot of ways. Messier. Bulky. But way cheaper than traditional makeup. But the look it gives is very natural looking so it's worth it. Try Maybelline's mmu line :)

  12. I don't use much mineralize foundation because I find that the coverage can often be a bit light (I prefer medium buildable coverage) but the Maybelline one looks great on you - very natural looking =)

  13. @ Karen: Yeh, I get what you mean.. but I like light coverage when I'm just going to work. :)


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