List of Entries for My First Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last day to join my first giveaway. In case you haven't joined yet, you have until 11:59 PM (11:59 AM for EST and 8:59 AM for PST) to leave a comment on my giveaway entry.

So far, here is the breakdown of the people who joined:
1. Mia
2. Gracie
3. Sol
4. Nina
5. Tish
9. Trizh
10. Rhain
11. Sherry
12. Aicha
15. Khymm
16. Krissy
20. Nehs
22. Bianca
23. Carine
24. Charry
25. Adin_22
26. Rae
30. Jamie
33. Rhen
38. Sena
39. Bambam
42. Abby
43. p1nk1sh
45. oOchaOo
46. *aly
49. Amy
51. Patti
53. Gel
54. ONiC
55. * Jen *
56. Aika
58. Ve
60. Jackie
61. RHiiAN
62. Rachel
63. teeyah.
64. Aira
66. Aik
68. Marice
70. Kell
71. Eurydice
72. Karen
73. Marly
74. dustianne
75. Lulu
77. audrey
80. leann
82. -elle♡
83. ~Lisa
84. Meloi
85. Claire
86. Emily
87. mint
88. alegna_XD

There are 88 official entries so far. There are some who weren't able to follow the instructions so I had no choice but to not include them in the list. It's either they are not a follower (I checked my list and person's profile) or I couldn't find my giveaway entry in their blog. There are also some blogs that I couldn't access. I'm just trying to be fair to those who joined.

To all those who participated, thank you very much!
If you'd like to join, you still have the whole day to join! Today is the last day!


  1. Awesome! A giveaway! Can't wait to have my 1st one as well. :-) G-luck to everyone who joined!

  2. @ Jasmin: Let me know when you're gonna have your first giveaway!

  3. YAY!!!!
    I hope I win!!

    Also Gem I'm having a blog sale this Monday - Sunday.
    Check it out!!!

    Peace Love && Lipstick

  4. strange i'm not on the list when i followed all the instructions. anyway goodluck to the others.

  5. @ JordanMayTwigs: okay, will check your blog sale!

    @ Mint: as per checking, I'm not included in the blogs that you follow. Please click the FOLLOW button on the Fellow Addicts part of my blog so I can include you in the list. Thanks! =)

  6. yay! first time seeing my name on a giveaway list. good luck everyone...
    thanks gem

  7. @ Nehs: I was overwhelmed with the number of entries. Good luck to those who joined! :)

  8. wow a lot of entries goOdluck to everyone!!!

  9. why am i not on the list?
    :[ saadd.
    i followed the instructions.
    i'm a follower & my link to the post works.

  10. *im crossing my fingers** excited na whose the winner. hehe

  11. I am not on the list yet followed the rules, and I just checked your blog through my dashboard so I know I followed, and I went to my link and I make sure all my posts are public. Well congrats to the one who won.

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