Indelible Gel liners

If there is one particular makeup that I can't live without, it's eyeliner. Yes, it's not lipstick. Hehe. I've tried every kind of eyeliner and this is one makeup that I always have to have.

Last Friday, I finally received my orders from Bare Naturals. I was supposed to get all colors of their Indelible Gel Liners but upon checking my train case, I still have a brand new MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. So, I just ordered Silver and Choco-Taupe.

packaging of the gel liners; comes with an eyeliner brush

Choco-Taupe and Silver

Being an eyeliner fan, I immediately tried these liners when I got home. I received these two lovely liners at work and I was itching to swatch them but I had to resist cos I was at work. Haha! I swatched them using two different eyeliner brushes and ended up using Charm's eyeliner brush (from the Charm Pro Travel Set).

right eye: choco-taupe

left eye: silver

- pigmented!
- very affordable (retails at Php359 each)
- comes with a travel size eyeliner brush
- no allergies
- creamy!
- no weird scent! no scent at all!
- does not smudge
- suitable for oily lids!
- available locally

In between:
- it's not mmu (not exactly a pro but neither it is a con)

- bulky jar (not compact like CS gel liners)
- choco-taupe takes a while to dry

I swatched them on my hand using both Henry Calayag's bent eyeliner brush and Charm's eyeliner brush. But I wasn't able to take a photo because my room has very bad lighting and I can't configure the right settings on my Canon 50d. Anyway, they don't smudge although choco-taupe takes a while to dry. As per Barenaturals, this is suitable for oily lids. I'd have to agree with them cos my lids get oily at times. The colors stayed put on my upper lash lines. Definitely didn't smudge! The silver gel liner is very pigmented. It was the first time I tried a silver gel liner and I was really impressed. Never mind if it can't be used daily. However, I didn't use it on my waterline so I'm not sure if it will smudge or fade away in a few hours.

Barenaturals only has three available colors: black, choco-taupe, and silver. I'm not sure if they will release more colors eventually. But they're definitely worth trying. I'm thinking of getting the black cos IMO it works better than MAC fluidline. I'm not saying this is my new HG gel liner but it definite has the potential.

How about you, what's your fave gel liner?


On a happier note, I finally reached 100+ followers in a month! Thank you so much for following and taking time to read this blog. As promised, I will have my first giveaway. I'll post it either tomorrow or on Friday. So, keep coming back for updates!

You guys are awesome!
xoxo, Gem


  1. i was curious about these as it's one of bare naturals' new products. they look great on your eyes :) i wish they had it in more colors though. i already have a black one and a brown one on the way, i don't know if i could wear silver much.

  2. i've been thinking of getting these liners, too. haven't tried using gel liners.

    i'm choosing between barenaturals & coastal scents. w/c one wud u recommend? :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Love the fact that it's locally available! :) And congrats with the 100 followers!

  4. @ Krissy: Thanks! :)

    @ Ida: Thanks! For sure, they will also look great on your eyes! Make a review about the black one. After trying these liners, I'm more curious now on how the black one turns out. But for sure, it will be impressive. I got the silver for the heck of it. Maybe I'll wear it during weekends. :)

    @ Mia: Gel liners are love, Mia! Especially if you don't have oily lids!

    I'm having difficulty answering your question cos I like them both! If you have oily lids, go for BN. If you don't, go for CS. If you're thinking of getting either black or brown, BN will suffice (available locally and cheaper than CS). But if you're daring, go for CS since they have more colors available. Hope this helps :)

    I'll make an entry about gel liner comparison :)

    @ Teeyah: You're welcome. But really, they're definitely worth trying. I feel so elated haing reached 100+ followers. Good vibes! :)

  5. hi gem! i wanna try other gel liners.. the only brands ive tried is Fanny serrano and Elianto, pero andaling magdry sa container.. ito ba hindi madaling magdry?

  6. Hi! Nice post. :)

    I've always been interested in liners, but since I hardly wear any makeup, I really never felt the "urge" to do so. My face is oily and makeup just sort of evaporates after a few hours. LOL.

    Do you think a gel liner is okay for a makeup newbie like me? Oh. And... How do I remove it? I'm scared of getting wrinkles. Hehehe. :)

  7. @ Khymm: I've tried FS and Elianto and I'd have to agree that they both dry fast ='(

    Hindi ko pa kaya masagot if this dries fast too cos I just got it recently. Give me a month and I'll give you an update =)

    @ Mojita_yanipot: Thanks! I used to hate putting alot of makeup. My then-makeup essentials were eyeliner and concealer. I practically can't live without eyeliner. It really defines our eyes and our whole look and your face still looks natural.

    Gel liners IMO or at least in my experience do not wear off een if your lipstick and blush have already worn off. So, I definitely suggest gel liners then pencil liners. I use Pond's cold cream to remove it. They're safe =)

  8. I ♥ eyeliners too! It's that piece of make-up that I cannot live without. It makes my eyes look brighter and not tired.

    The only gel eye-liner that I've tried is that of Face Shop but I wasn't too happy with it. I went back to using Liquid Eyeliner. A few weeks ago, I discovered a FELT TIP type of eyeliner, it's liquid but it's not messy and it's waterproof.

    I'll have to try the gel eyeliner that you reco. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice colors. The choco one looks sweet and elegant, while the silver makes you looks sporty. I always hope to be smart enough to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner, but I am not. Need to do more practices ^^

  10. hi :) i just followed your blog pretty! heehee, im loving the gel liners! would love to have one too heehee. :) have a nice weekend!

  11. i love gel eyeliners!
    do you like these ones better or the ones from CS?

  12. @ r u s s: Yeh, eyelines are love! I can't live without them too! I know what you mean by the felt tip type, it's easy to use, glides smoothly, and easy to remove :)

    @ mapple: Practice makes perfect!

    @ oOchaOo: I'm loving the gel liners too!

    @ Fifi: They're both good. It's a really tough question. Give me a month and I'll post an entry about my gel liners. Which gel liner do you prefer? :)

  13.'s a good thing the choco taupe and silver variant worked on you...i wonder why the black one didn't work on me...maybe i got the bad one in the lot..

  14. @ BIANCA: What do you mean it dint work on you? Give it one more try :)

  15. so far, I think bobbi brown has the best eyeliners... and the colors are great too! have you tried those already?


  16. it's too doesn't dry when applied to skin and it smears...BN said that the black variant really didn't come up to their reseller and BN are negotiating into a replacement since choco-taupe and silver are working just fine...good thing those are the variants you got! :)

  17. @ Toothfairynotes: I've tried Bobbi Brown's e/s, l/s, and blushers but never their eyeliners haha! I actually don't have an idea how good they are! But I'll check them out the next time I visit their counter. Thanks for the recommendation :)

    @ Bianca: OMG! Really?! I was planning on ordering the black one cos I was hoping they'd be as promising as the Choco-Taupe and Silver. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. My favorite's from MAC because its endtips give a really good finish. It's not messy, too.


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