FOTD Using Ellana Products

Hello ladies!

I'm super late with these reviews. This entry is not even totally about Ellana mmu review. I've been really busy these past few days (work, lovelife, and grad school). So please bear with my super late reviews/entries.

I woke up 30 minutes earlier than my alarm. So I decided to put on makeup before going to work. I don't usually wear makeup when I'm at work except every Friday since it's Jeans day. I decided to go all mineral today. Yee!

Ellana premium blend foundation in Hazelnut Latte
Ellana corrector concealer in Innocence
Ellana blush in Happiness
Pond's moisturizer

MAC e/s in Ricepaper
Stila kajal eyeliner in Black
Ellana corrector concealer in Awake

Olay Regenerist lip balm
Shu Uemura l/s in BG564

Forgive my eyebags. I only had 4 hours of sleep. Forgive my messy hair. I still haven't combed when I took that photo. Hehe. Forgive my Sony T900. I don't understand how the colors aren't popping out in the photo. My face looks more alive in actual. I tried taking a photo with flash but the photo looked worse so I didn't bother.

I finally combed my fair haha!
This is the first time I used the products I bought from Ellana more than a week ago. I'm impressed with it because I didn't need to retouch. The makeup stayed put the entire day. No kidding! However, I was in an air-conditioned place for more than 10hrs so it might be the reason why. But nonetheless, it was impressive. Also, the boyfriend was complimenting my look particularly my eyes. He kept on saying that there was something new with my eyes but he couldn't figure out what.

As we speak I am satisfied with Ellana even though my eyebags weren't concealed that much. I reckon it was really just the lack of sleep that made it so puffy. I'll probably use this for the rest of the week. I will give another feedback after this week ends.


My followers are fast approaching the big 1-0-0! I'm so excited about it! I'm also thinking of having my first giveaway as soon as I reach 100!

Have a good night ladies!


  1. I was thinking the same, I liked your eyes very much:)
    xx from madrid!

  2. awww you look so cute! I love your eye make up :)

  3. yeah! :D congrats on your almost 100. lol.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if you reach 100 followers soon! :) Lovely look, hun :)

  5. i actually really like your "messy" hair look! :P
    man, i wish i looked that great whenever i have 4 hours of sleep! haha :P i always look horrible! :P i think my panda eyes are way worse than yours! :P

  6. I love no-make-up make-up looks!:) You look so pretty.:)

  7. @ beautifulnemo: Thanks! I like your username :)
    xx from MNL

    @ Pop Champagne: Thanks! It's very easy to do. Just a beige e/s and eyeliner then you're good to go :)

  8. @ Viva La Fashion: I can't wait til I reach 100 followers :)

    @ Teeyah: I'm crossing my fingers for more follwers. This beauty blog has really been therapeutic for the past month :)

    @ Kay: I like my messy hair better than my combed hair haha! Crazy! But it's not like I can go to work with a messy hair hehe. :)

    @ Soapaholic: Thanks! I also dig no makeup looks expecially cos the boyfriend prefers that look :)

  9. Hi Gem! :) I bought the NYX lipstick from the Somera store in Glorietta 5. I gotta warn you though that they come in very limited shades :( If you're in Makati, there's a perfume store at The Enterprise Center, Lobby of Tower 2 and they sell NYX eyeshadows and liners naman :)

    Oh and Jailbait talaga is my crush! Please thank your friend for me :D

  10. Thanks for the info, Teeyah! Grabe, my office used to be in TEC and I passed by that perfume store everyday but I never went in! Dang! =)


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