Food Escapade at Balducci

In case I haven't emphasized it yet, I love food. I love eating. I love trying out new restaurants tho there are certain restautants that I skip (ie. Indian/Persian cuisine). During the first quarter of this year, my friend and I decided to dine at different restaurants every Friday. The first resto we ate at on our first week in BGC was Balducci. It's Italian cuisine so there's automatically a bias on my part cos it's my fave cuisine We weren't that hungry when we dined there so we decided to share our food.

seafood pasta

margherita pizza

my friend Vanessa showing off her homework haha

The food looks yummy! Admit it, it does! Well that's because it is. I don't remember the exact price of the pizza and pasta cos these photos were taken last March. But if I remember correctly, pasta was around Php350 and pizza was around Php400. The portion is good for one person. Their soda in can is Php100! That I remember alright!

Balducci is a typical Italian restaurant with class. It's located in Serendra after all. Their price doesn't seem overpriced when you look at the menu because you're expecting big portions since it's Italian. I suggest you dine here when you're not that hungry because their portions are good for one person that is not hungry. The food is good. But the taste isn't that distinct. But the ambiance makes up for it.

I was only pertaining to the pizza and pasta that we ordered. Nevertheless, my friend and I were satisfied with the food and we'll definitely go back again to try their other selections.

Balducci is located in Serendra. It's beside Sentro (former Portico 1771).


  1. i love food post. The size portions looks big and the ambiance of the restaurants seems like its really nice.

  2. yummm...that looks food posts....haha

  3. oh yummm!! you just made me hungry! =D

  4. ooohh. the margherita pizza looks so yummy!!! <3 i wanna go there soon :)

  5. I ♥ Balducci. They also have good wine there. You should try 'em when you go back.

  6. @ Becky: The ambiance of this restaurant, I must say, is the winner! :)

    @ adin_22: I love food posts, too! Gives you ideas about certain restos and food!

    @ Becks: trully delicious!

    @ Jen: Food posts are really enticing they make people hungry haha!

    @ oOchaOo: Goooo! Then make and entry about it! They serve good food =D

    @ Russ: what kind of wine exactly? I frequent in Cav when I'm in the mood for wine :)

  7. Wow..yummy!so mouthwatering..haha
    My boyfie and I loves Italian cuisine..pasta and PIZZA!!
    Oh..tummy growls!xD

  8. @ Marnell Anne: Italian cuisine is mos def LOVE! <3


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