Food Escapade at Enotica Galileo

Happy Friday everyone!

TGIF! Most people are probably still out by this time drinking and partying. And I'm at home blogging hehe. I decided to be a good girl and go home early. :)

So, here's another entry about my food escapade.

Italian if my favorite cuisine of all time! It's second to none. There are a lot of good Italian restaurants here in MNL and IMO, Enotica Galileo is one of them. Their ambiance is different. There even came to a point that we had dinner at Galileo every weekend. Enotica means wine cellar. And if you go inside the resto, wines are everywhere. They have dim lights instead of white lights because of it's wine cellar concept. They also have a mini grocery where the sell products imported from Italy.

Good friends. Good food. Good ambiance. Galileo :)

penne with truffles oil, about PHP350

risotto with truffles oil, about PHP350
(one of their bestsellers)
Their food is good. No doubt about that. I saw an interview with the owner of this resto some time last year and according to her, all the ingredients used are imported. One thing I don't like about Galileoo is that their portions are small. It's good for one (full) person. I don't suggest you dine there if you're hungry.

They have two branches located in Mandaluyong and Makati. Reservation is advised.


This might be my last entry for this week. I'm going out of town in a few hours and I won't be bringing my netbook. I'll miss blogging!

Til my next post! Have a good friday everyone!


  1. I'm at home, blogging, just like you on a Friday night :D

  2. Oh yum, I love Italian food! Makes my mouth water, hahaha

  3. @ Teeyah: Yay! I'm not alone! :)

    @ Marce: Italian food is love!!!!

    @ Dee: Thanks for the award =P

  4. Thanks for following my blog, hun :) I'm your new follower too <3


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