Falling in Love with Most Popular.. Again

Remember MAC lipstick in Most Popular from the Hello Kitty Collection this year? Well, it was repromoted in the Color Craft Collection (two or three collections after). I remember staying for a good hour and half during the release of HK collection here in MNL. I couldn't decide which lipstick to get because the one I had in mind (coffee brew of something like that) turned out to be a shade I didn't like (in actual). Then I was torn between Cutester and Strayin' - ended up buying Strayin' cos I have several lipsticks in the same shade as Cutester. I was thinking of getting other lipsticks that are part of the collection but I had to control myself. The following day, I called MAC Makati to ask the available lipsticks they have and lo, everything was sold out. Of course, I felt stupid not buying when I had the chance to.

I love Strayin' tho I don't use it that much. I'm even THIS close in selling that lipstick. Most Popular haunted me. So I was really happy when MAC repromoted it for the Color Craft Collection. Aside from Smooth Merge MSF and Madly Creative lipstick (which are all by the way still with my lovely friend Sab), Most Popular was definitely part of my list.

So I bought Most Popular as soon as Color Craft Collection was released.


Most Popular felt and looked different. I thought it was just me but I also read from Christine's entry that Most Popular isn't as good as it was in HK collection. And I bought two tubes! I already swatched both so I can't sell them at their original price. So, I kept the tubes in my train case.

Then one Wednesday night, I saw the lipstick again. I had to go to my cousin's party and I wasn't able to think of what look to pull since I was sick. So I just put on foundation, blush, and Most Popular.

Et voila!

mother and I

You know what they say about red lipsticks.. A lady just gotta have one. I'm liking Most Popular better than my YSL Rouge #17 lipstick now. At least, I know now why I bought two tubes haha! No wonder it's called Most Popular! =)

with my cousins

Have a stellar night everyone!


  1. That's really strange that Most Popular wasn't the same from the HK collection as it was in the Colour Crafted collection...you'd think it would be the same lipstick right since it has the same name? But it looks great on you! I'm still on the hunt for a red lipstick that suits me =)

  2. Cute pics!! Your mama is gorgeous!

  3. love your pic wit you and ur mom :)
    your mom looks great! <3

    haha.. such fun pics of you and your cousin! <3

  4. You're so pretty!
    You definitely got the good looks from your mom :)
    And oh, lovely dainty top!

  5. you and your mom are so beautiful. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. and i love your outfit. maybe you should sign up with chictopia. it is a great site for fashionistas to post their day to day outfits. =)

  6. @ Karen: I know right! Most Popular from the HK Collection seems to have more blue undertone methinks. Try YSL lipsticks. They're great too! =)

    @ Jasmin: alot of people think we're sisters haha!

    @ Kay: Photobooth is LOVE! =D

    @ Noelle: Thanks! The top is actually hotpants. hehe =

    @ Mel: Thanks! Yeh, I've heard about chictopia. I think it's similar to Lookbook (which I already have an acct but forgot my password). I'll give it a try within the week. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  7. Photo Booth can be addicting! Hahaaa. Your mom looks fab.Ü

  8. @ r u s s: unlimited photos = LOVE!

  9. wow ur mom looks really good for ur age! good genetics running through to the daughter i see :)

  10. @ IchigoBunnie: those who haven't met my mom think she's either my older sister or my aunt. Haha!


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