Review: Henri Calayag Bent Eyeliner Brush

Being an eyeliner addict, I'm always on the lookout for the best eyeliner brush. I have 9 eyeliner (flat and angled) brushes and I still feel that I need more. I never liked flat eyeliner brushes because I find it difficult to use. I have 2 MAC 266 brushes and I think they're the best among the ones I have. However, there are still times when it's still difficult to use. The first time I saw a bent eyeliner brush was either at Coastal Scents site or Crown brushes site. I was really curious about it but it's not available locally (boo!). So, when I found out about Henri Calayag's bent eyeliner brush, I was so damn curious on getting my hands on it. While I was having dinner with the boyfriend and his friends at Fely J's, I really had to excuse myself to buy the most talked about Henri Calayag brush at Myth.

retails at Php395

I immediately tried the bent eyeliner with my MAC fluidline.

eyes closed

eyes opened


I've never perfected the winged eye look. My eyes don't look like twins, more of sisters. The left one always looks better than the right one. If you look at my closed eyes, it's as if there's no line at all. If you look at my opened eyes, the wing effect looks natural than overdone. And you know how long it took me to do it? About 2 seconds, I guess. I was able to line my eyes and wing it in one glide!
I think it's simply amazing.

- thin line can be achieved easily
- easier to use cos it's bent
- availably locally
- easy to clean! Just dip it so that the bristles won't go all over the place!

In between:
- travel size (depends if you like long handled brushes or not)
- price (depends if you're the type who really invests in brushes)


Henri Calayag bent eyeliner brush is sold for Php395 at Myth Greenbelt 5 and Henri Calayag Salons.

List of Entries for My First Giveaway

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last day to join my first giveaway. In case you haven't joined yet, you have until 11:59 PM (11:59 AM for EST and 8:59 AM for PST) to leave a comment on my giveaway entry.

So far, here is the breakdown of the people who joined:
1. Mia
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3. Sol
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5. Tish
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11. Sherry
12. Aicha
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16. Krissy
20. Nehs
22. Bianca
23. Carine
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25. Adin_22
26. Rae
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33. Rhen
38. Sena
39. Bambam
42. Abby
43. p1nk1sh
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46. *aly
49. Amy
51. Patti
53. Gel
54. ONiC
55. * Jen *
56. Aika
58. Ve
60. Jackie
61. RHiiAN
62. Rachel
63. teeyah.
64. Aira
66. Aik
68. Marice
70. Kell
71. Eurydice
72. Karen
73. Marly
74. dustianne
75. Lulu
77. audrey
80. leann
82. -elle♡
83. ~Lisa
84. Meloi
85. Claire
86. Emily
87. mint
88. alegna_XD

There are 88 official entries so far. There are some who weren't able to follow the instructions so I had no choice but to not include them in the list. It's either they are not a follower (I checked my list and person's profile) or I couldn't find my giveaway entry in their blog. There are also some blogs that I couldn't access. I'm just trying to be fair to those who joined.

To all those who participated, thank you very much!
If you'd like to join, you still have the whole day to join! Today is the last day!

Pond's Haul

Good afternoon ladies! How's everyone doing inspite the rainy weather? Hope everything is still well!

Last August 15, Pond's began their month-long sale (20%-70% off) of most of their products. I was looking forward to get the microdermabrasion kit because it was down to Php300+ from Php1299. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one because it was sold out everywhere and the SA in Megamall told me that they're not gon have any stock until October. Geez, no wonder it was on sale haha!

So, here are the products that I got:

Pond's toner
Pond's anti-bacterial facial scrub
Pond's age miracle cream serum
Pond's age miracle dual eye therapy UV
Pond's age miracle overnight repair dream
Pond's flawless white day cream (not in photo)

Perhaps you can tell how much I love Pond's. Hehe. My favorite product would have to be the Dual Eye Therapy. The one I bought last month is actually my second jar already. What I love about it is that, unlike most eye cream products that only focus on our under eye circles, Pond's focuses on the under eye circles and eye lids. Thus the dual eye therapy. The white cream is for the under eye circles. I don't know if it's just me but it's seems to have a bit of shimmer. It kinda stings my eyes too. The pink cream is for the lids. And believe me, a little goes a long way.

The next product I love is their anti-bacterial facial scrub. It retails for Php125 and it doesn't make my skin dry that I start to peel off unlike other facial scrub *ahem180degreesbynuskin*.

It's the first time I've tried their age miracle serum and overnight cream. So far, I'm loving it and thankfully, I didn't break out! Oh, did I say that it has a lovely smell too?

I was also planning to stock up on these goodies. But I also realised that a jar takes me at least 4 months to finish. My dermatologist also told me that it's not really ideal to stick with one beauty product (especially drugstore products) because instead of making your skin better (or whatever the product promises), your skin just gets immuned to it. Therefore, the product doesn't become that effective. It's just all about the placebo effect. So, if you really like a certain beauty product, you should alternate it with your second best product once you finish a jar/tube for it work. Weird, I know.

How about you? Did you give in to Pond's sale craze?

Sorry for the lack of FOTDs. I'm camera-less for a week. =(
Don't forget to join my first giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day of joining!

Dollface Cosmetics 1st Anniversary

If you love Coastal Scents..

Don't forget to drop by!
See you there!

Falling in Love with Most Popular.. Again

Remember MAC lipstick in Most Popular from the Hello Kitty Collection this year? Well, it was repromoted in the Color Craft Collection (two or three collections after). I remember staying for a good hour and half during the release of HK collection here in MNL. I couldn't decide which lipstick to get because the one I had in mind (coffee brew of something like that) turned out to be a shade I didn't like (in actual). Then I was torn between Cutester and Strayin' - ended up buying Strayin' cos I have several lipsticks in the same shade as Cutester. I was thinking of getting other lipsticks that are part of the collection but I had to control myself. The following day, I called MAC Makati to ask the available lipsticks they have and lo, everything was sold out. Of course, I felt stupid not buying when I had the chance to.

I love Strayin' tho I don't use it that much. I'm even THIS close in selling that lipstick. Most Popular haunted me. So I was really happy when MAC repromoted it for the Color Craft Collection. Aside from Smooth Merge MSF and Madly Creative lipstick (which are all by the way still with my lovely friend Sab), Most Popular was definitely part of my list.

So I bought Most Popular as soon as Color Craft Collection was released.


Most Popular felt and looked different. I thought it was just me but I also read from Christine's entry that Most Popular isn't as good as it was in HK collection. And I bought two tubes! I already swatched both so I can't sell them at their original price. So, I kept the tubes in my train case.

Then one Wednesday night, I saw the lipstick again. I had to go to my cousin's party and I wasn't able to think of what look to pull since I was sick. So I just put on foundation, blush, and Most Popular.

Et voila!

mother and I

You know what they say about red lipsticks.. A lady just gotta have one. I'm liking Most Popular better than my YSL Rouge #17 lipstick now. At least, I know now why I bought two tubes haha! No wonder it's called Most Popular! =)

with my cousins

Have a stellar night everyone!

MMU is love.

I've said in my previous posts that I've always been curious about mineral makeup. I finally got my hands on Ellana, Barenaturals, and Maybelline's mineral makeup line last month. Since then, my take on makeup has definitely changed.

When I had my first mmu haul, I focused more on the foundation and blush rather than eyeshadows. Why? I need good and intensive coverage due to my uneven/tanned skin. Haha! Plus, my everyday look is the no-makeup look and I thought it's time I pay attention more to my cheeks than my eyes.

So, here are the swatches of the mmu I bought about a month ago:

without flash
twilight, twinkle, happiness, fulfillment, hazelnut latte, almond latte, innocence, awake

with flash

I alternate hazelnut latte and almond latte as foundation. It usually depends on what pot I grab on my desk. They both work fine on my face. I use happiness as my blush when I'm at work and I use fulfillment during weekends. I use the concealers daily. I've only used the eyeshahows twice since I don't go out much nowadays and I prefer to just line my eyes and put mascara when I'm at work.

Then there goes Maybelline's mineral makeup line. At first, I thought it would be disappointing since from my experience, some of their products disappointed me. But I bought their mineral makeup line anyway cos I was curious.

liquid foundation in Shell Beige, Php299
powder foundation in Buff, Php599
blush in Original Rose, Php499
Sorry, I don't have swatches of these products but I tell you they do blend pretty well. The first time I used this, I got several comments from my officemates and especially the boyfriend. They all said that there was something new about my look that they couldn't figure out. They also kept on asking me if I had makeup on. When I said "yes," their eyes got bigger out of shock I guess. My friend even said I looked like a Pond's girl aka the no-makeup makeup look. They also liked how the blush suits my skin. And of course, the boyfriend said I looked pretty. Amazing! Haha!

My officemates/friends said nice comments when I was using Ellana. But they gave nicer comments when I started using Maybelline. So, Maybelline didn't disappoint me this time. Yay for that! Another plus points for including a kabuki brush for the powder foundation and blush. If you have a flat top brush, stippling brush, or a kabuki brush, I suggest you use that. Maybelline's kabuki brush isn't bad (isn't that soft either) but it will suffice if you don't have one.

So, here's my look using Maybelline's mineral makeup line and Ellana's mineral eyeshadows:

I moisturized my face using Stila's Hydrating Primer using Elf's foundation brush. I applied Maybelline's liquid foundation using a wedge sponge. I applied Ellana's corrective concealers using BN's eco concealer brush. I set everything with Maybelline's powder foundation using BN's flat top brush. I applied MAC paintpot in Painterly all over my lids as base using the same brush. I applied Ellana's Twinkle on my lids using Elf's eyeshadow brush. I applied Ellana's Twilight on my crease and upper lid using MAC 226 brush. I put on Elf's falsies. I applied Maybelline's blush in Original Rose using Charm's blush brush. I moisturized my lips using Olay Regenerist and applied my fave Shu Uemura lipstick.

I'm still not a pro when it comes to mmu but can I just say that it's really love?! I don't care if it's messy at times. I just need more practice on applying it. The thing that I love most when I started mmu is that people started complimenting how great my skin is or the total look and not my makeup. So they were actually complimenting the beauty and not the makeup.

Mineral makeup is affordable and a little goes a long way. What's even great is that they are available in tester sizes (1g) so you can try them without having to spend too much.
Enjoy the long weekend ladies!

Food Escapade at Balducci

In case I haven't emphasized it yet, I love food. I love eating. I love trying out new restaurants tho there are certain restautants that I skip (ie. Indian/Persian cuisine). During the first quarter of this year, my friend and I decided to dine at different restaurants every Friday. The first resto we ate at on our first week in BGC was Balducci. It's Italian cuisine so there's automatically a bias on my part cos it's my fave cuisine We weren't that hungry when we dined there so we decided to share our food.

seafood pasta

margherita pizza

my friend Vanessa showing off her homework haha

The food looks yummy! Admit it, it does! Well that's because it is. I don't remember the exact price of the pizza and pasta cos these photos were taken last March. But if I remember correctly, pasta was around Php350 and pizza was around Php400. The portion is good for one person. Their soda in can is Php100! That I remember alright!

Balducci is a typical Italian restaurant with class. It's located in Serendra after all. Their price doesn't seem overpriced when you look at the menu because you're expecting big portions since it's Italian. I suggest you dine here when you're not that hungry because their portions are good for one person that is not hungry. The food is good. But the taste isn't that distinct. But the ambiance makes up for it.

I was only pertaining to the pizza and pasta that we ordered. Nevertheless, my friend and I were satisfied with the food and we'll definitely go back again to try their other selections.

Balducci is located in Serendra. It's beside Sentro (former Portico 1771).

Tags + Award + Cosmetics Fair

TGIF everyone!

I would like to thank Mia for giving me the Beautiful Blogger award. It's the fourth award I got! Yey!

Last weekend, Nikki also tagged me about my daily routine. I'm not sure if there are certain rules for this tags but it seems like it doesn't, so I'm just gon list down my daily routine sans le photos, yeh?!

1. I wash my face using Pond's anti-bacterial facial scrub.
2. I apply Pond's Age Defense moisturizer as primer/base to my face.
3. I apply Ellana's Awake concealer on my eyebags and Ellana's Innocence concealer on my red spots (if there is any).
4. I apply Ellana's Intensive Foundation (either Hazelnut latte or Almond latte) or Maybelline's Mineral liquid foundation. Then I apply Maybelline's mineral lookse powder foundation (after using the liquid one).
5. I apply an eye primer (MAC paintpot) then eyeshadow (usually MAC shroom or riceaper). Then I put gel eyeliner.
6. I use Maybelline's mineral blush powder in Original Rose or Ellana's Fulfillment or Happiness on my cheeks for a pinched cheeks look.
7. I moisturize my lips using Olay Regenerist's lip balm. Then apply lipstick (shade depends on my mood or which lipstick I see first).

Then I'm good to go! =)

I'm tagging these people for the Beautiful Blogger Award, Daily Routine Tag, and Personality Traits Award:


There is a Cosmetics Fair that started today in Megatrade Hall. I found out about this info thru Mia.

from the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines website:

The Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines, Inc. (CCIP) in celebration of the Cosmetics Month this September will host the 2nd CCIP Cosmetic Fair ‘09, Pilipinas, Ang Ganda Mo! At the Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall on September 18-20, 2009. This event will showcase the country’s leading brands in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.

You all have the weekend to drop by! See you guys there!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Spend vs Save: China Glaze's For Audrey and Elianto's Torquoise

My first entry here on my beauty blog was about my HG nail polish. I was wearing China Glaze's (CG) Chat Room Rendevous. Even though I'm not into nail art, I am into nail polish. My favorites (can't say HG cos it's more than one) are CG, The Face Shop, and Caronia's Pussy Red. I've been loyal to these three brands until Last Monday.

I have 6 different shades of CG nail polish and even though I like them alot, I still feel incomplete because I can't get a hold of CG's For Audrey. Nail Spa and Beautylane do not carry it. There are very limited shades available here in MNL. I asked a friend to look for one in California but it was always out of stock. And I just don't want to order online. CG nail polish starts at US$5.40. So, I thought For Audrey is just going to be a shade I'll be lemming on forever!


I was in the beauty and makeup section of Landmark window shopping. I promised myself to stop shopping for makeup at least until Friday because I'm going to this makeup event this coming weekend. I passed by Elianto's shelf/arsenal/whatever it's called and I saw their nail polish. The first thing I checked was the price. It's expensive than TFS by Php4.00. Their bottle needs a revamp. It honestly does not entice women. The SA was talking me into buying their nail polish. So I asked what their best seller is. The SA said that it's mostly their neutral colors but she also mentioned that one customer bought several bottles of Torquoise. There were less than 10 bottles left when I was there. So, I thought of getting the same shade too. I got two bottles (one for me and one for the giveaway). I applied the nail polish while I was at work (bored much) and I was amazed with the color pay-off. It reminded me of Tiffany & Co boxes and most importantly, CG's For Audrey!

In a nutshell, things I love about CG:
1. wide range of colors that is hardly duped (or so I thought)
2. glides smoothly
3. dries fast but not fast enough to dry while applying the polish
4. not available locally (love and hate reason)

But I gotta be honest, Elianto is a very good nail polish. Like CG, it dries fast but not fast enough while you're still applying the polish. The color pay-off is good. It has that shiny effect even without putting a clear nail polish as top coat! They gotta work on their shades though because there aren't many shades to choose from (compared to other brands). It's available locally and retails at only PHP99 (less than US$2).

I love China Glaze but the verdict is to SAVE.

My First Giveaway!

Good evening, ladies!

Apologies for being MIA again for five days! Thursday and Friday were crazy days and I was sick over the weekend. Well, I'm still kinda sick until now. But as promised, here is my first giveaway. It's not much but I hope you guys will participate in this *cross fingers*

G-lish trio eyeshadow
Clinique black mascara
Clinique lipstick in Berrylicious
Estee Lauder lip gloss
Elianto nail polish
G-lish mosaic blush powder
Blue eyeliner

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog. So, click on the "follow" button if you aren't a follower yet!
2. Copy the image and post it together with the mechanics on your blog. Don't forget to link back!
3. Leave a comment on this entry saying, "I'm in!"


I'm making this giveaway very easy and simple. No need to do any fotd. No need to answer any questions. This first giveaway starts now and ends on September 27, 2009 (Sunday). Winner will be chosen thru The lucky winner will be announced on October 1, 2009.
Have a good night ladies!

Indelible Gel liners

If there is one particular makeup that I can't live without, it's eyeliner. Yes, it's not lipstick. Hehe. I've tried every kind of eyeliner and this is one makeup that I always have to have.

Last Friday, I finally received my orders from Bare Naturals. I was supposed to get all colors of their Indelible Gel Liners but upon checking my train case, I still have a brand new MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. So, I just ordered Silver and Choco-Taupe.

packaging of the gel liners; comes with an eyeliner brush

Choco-Taupe and Silver

Being an eyeliner fan, I immediately tried these liners when I got home. I received these two lovely liners at work and I was itching to swatch them but I had to resist cos I was at work. Haha! I swatched them using two different eyeliner brushes and ended up using Charm's eyeliner brush (from the Charm Pro Travel Set).

right eye: choco-taupe

left eye: silver

- pigmented!
- very affordable (retails at Php359 each)
- comes with a travel size eyeliner brush
- no allergies
- creamy!
- no weird scent! no scent at all!
- does not smudge
- suitable for oily lids!
- available locally

In between:
- it's not mmu (not exactly a pro but neither it is a con)

- bulky jar (not compact like CS gel liners)
- choco-taupe takes a while to dry

I swatched them on my hand using both Henry Calayag's bent eyeliner brush and Charm's eyeliner brush. But I wasn't able to take a photo because my room has very bad lighting and I can't configure the right settings on my Canon 50d. Anyway, they don't smudge although choco-taupe takes a while to dry. As per Barenaturals, this is suitable for oily lids. I'd have to agree with them cos my lids get oily at times. The colors stayed put on my upper lash lines. Definitely didn't smudge! The silver gel liner is very pigmented. It was the first time I tried a silver gel liner and I was really impressed. Never mind if it can't be used daily. However, I didn't use it on my waterline so I'm not sure if it will smudge or fade away in a few hours.

Barenaturals only has three available colors: black, choco-taupe, and silver. I'm not sure if they will release more colors eventually. But they're definitely worth trying. I'm thinking of getting the black cos IMO it works better than MAC fluidline. I'm not saying this is my new HG gel liner but it definite has the potential.

How about you, what's your fave gel liner?


On a happier note, I finally reached 100+ followers in a month! Thank you so much for following and taking time to read this blog. As promised, I will have my first giveaway. I'll post it either tomorrow or on Friday. So, keep coming back for updates!

You guys are awesome!
xoxo, Gem

A Month of Blogging, Unwanted Tan + Award

It's Sunday but since it's another long weekend here in MNL, there's no pressure to sleep early tonight. =P

As any other beauty blogger, I started this blog because of my love for make-up. Today marks as my first month and one day of beauty blogging. This beauty blog might seem to lack a lot of FOTDs but I still find beauty blogging very therapeutic. You can tell how much I blog here than on my other personal blog.

It's just kind of ironic that when this blog started, I was on the verge of giving make up. I got an unwanted tan last June that made my skin tone an NC42 from NC30. This is the very reason why I started selling my makeup. The photos below show how burned my skin is.

last March 2009

last August 2009

left photo: taken last March 2009
right photo: taken last June 2009, a week after getting the unwanted tan

See how dark I am now? If you look closely, I had the same make-up on different occasions and I looked eeww on the right photo. After that night, I told myself to not use makeup until I got my original skin tone back. It's been 3 months and I'm still stuck with my tan.

But of course, being a beauty junkie, I started looking for an alternative foundation for my MAC. I wanted to buy a MAC foundation in NC42 this time but I chose not to. Firstly, it's expensive (php1500). Secondly, my MAC foundation (NC30) has about 90% left in its compact. I have several foundation but they're of the same shade so they're basically no use to me now. Thirdly, I still can't accept the fact that I'm so dark already ='(

I was ranting to my mom about my skintone then she suddenly remembered that she has this mineral foundation that she hasn't used because it's too dark for her. She gave it to me so I can give it a try.

Neutrogena Mineral foundation in Buff; MAC Foundation in NC30

It's darker than NC30 but it's still light for my skintone. But it can suffice so I'll continue using Neutrogena until I finish the pan or until my skintone is back. I also found wonders on Ellana so I alternate that with my Neutrogena foundation.


I got another award from Dee! I'm not sure what this award is called but I love it! I love receiving awards hehe.

Rules of Acceptance:
*Acknowledge the person who sent you the award.
*Nominate 7 other blogs.
*Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better.

1. They say, "time is gold." I'm a firm believer in this so I hate being late.
2. I can easily open up to anyone if I wanted to.
3. "Behavior is my expertise."
4. I'm a perfectionist at times and I get in trouble for this cos I unintentionally offend people.
5. I laugh easily.
6. I'm blunt. Very.
7. I get shy alot.

Food Escapade at Enotica Galileo

Happy Friday everyone!

TGIF! Most people are probably still out by this time drinking and partying. And I'm at home blogging hehe. I decided to be a good girl and go home early. :)

So, here's another entry about my food escapade.

Italian if my favorite cuisine of all time! It's second to none. There are a lot of good Italian restaurants here in MNL and IMO, Enotica Galileo is one of them. Their ambiance is different. There even came to a point that we had dinner at Galileo every weekend. Enotica means wine cellar. And if you go inside the resto, wines are everywhere. They have dim lights instead of white lights because of it's wine cellar concept. They also have a mini grocery where the sell products imported from Italy.

Good friends. Good food. Good ambiance. Galileo :)

penne with truffles oil, about PHP350

risotto with truffles oil, about PHP350
(one of their bestsellers)
Their food is good. No doubt about that. I saw an interview with the owner of this resto some time last year and according to her, all the ingredients used are imported. One thing I don't like about Galileoo is that their portions are small. It's good for one (full) person. I don't suggest you dine there if you're hungry.

They have two branches located in Mandaluyong and Makati. Reservation is advised.


This might be my last entry for this week. I'm going out of town in a few hours and I won't be bringing my netbook. I'll miss blogging!

Til my next post! Have a good friday everyone!

FOTD Using Ellana Products

Hello ladies!

I'm super late with these reviews. This entry is not even totally about Ellana mmu review. I've been really busy these past few days (work, lovelife, and grad school). So please bear with my super late reviews/entries.

I woke up 30 minutes earlier than my alarm. So I decided to put on makeup before going to work. I don't usually wear makeup when I'm at work except every Friday since it's Jeans day. I decided to go all mineral today. Yee!

Ellana premium blend foundation in Hazelnut Latte
Ellana corrector concealer in Innocence
Ellana blush in Happiness
Pond's moisturizer

MAC e/s in Ricepaper
Stila kajal eyeliner in Black
Ellana corrector concealer in Awake

Olay Regenerist lip balm
Shu Uemura l/s in BG564

Forgive my eyebags. I only had 4 hours of sleep. Forgive my messy hair. I still haven't combed when I took that photo. Hehe. Forgive my Sony T900. I don't understand how the colors aren't popping out in the photo. My face looks more alive in actual. I tried taking a photo with flash but the photo looked worse so I didn't bother.

I finally combed my fair haha!
This is the first time I used the products I bought from Ellana more than a week ago. I'm impressed with it because I didn't need to retouch. The makeup stayed put the entire day. No kidding! However, I was in an air-conditioned place for more than 10hrs so it might be the reason why. But nonetheless, it was impressive. Also, the boyfriend was complimenting my look particularly my eyes. He kept on saying that there was something new with my eyes but he couldn't figure out what.

As we speak I am satisfied with Ellana even though my eyebags weren't concealed that much. I reckon it was really just the lack of sleep that made it so puffy. I'll probably use this for the rest of the week. I will give another feedback after this week ends.


My followers are fast approaching the big 1-0-0! I'm so excited about it! I'm also thinking of having my first giveaway as soon as I reach 100!

Have a good night ladies!