What's Keeping Me Busy These Days?

I have a confession to make.

I am a bookworm. I've always loved books and I still do. I have my own mini library inside my bedroom. However, ever since I started working, I have less or no time at all to read or finish a book. Sucks, I know.

The Twilight Saga was an exception, of course. =)

Since there are raves about True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books (how the story is way way better than Twilight), of course I can't help but be curious. I've been looking for the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series since May 2009 but the bookstores didn't have stock. They only had the whole collection and I didn't want to buy all the books yet cos I wasn't sure I was gon like the story. Btw, I still haven't seen a single episode since we don't have Cinemax.

But the long wait is over. I saw the first book at Fully Booked, Rockwell and I immediately grabbed a copy for myself. It sucks that's it's not hard bound and that I would have to wait at least two months if I wanted a hard bound copy (another info: I prefer hard bound books and I usually order and wait for hard bound copies). My friend mentioned The Bro Code and I also grabbed a copy since Ive always been curious about it and I've been wanting to watch How I Met Your Mother. I just need more time. I'm a really busy person. Haha!

Meet the two things that are keeping me busy.

How about you guys? What's keeping you busy these days aside from makeup? =)


  1. I have the ebooks for the whole sookie stackhouse books. I havent started though but im i love true blood!

  2. Hey sis, I got it from a seller sa multiply. I'm still waiting for my order also from mscuppycakes. Ikaw, where did you order? :)

  3. @ Nikki: I got it from Cherie =)

  4. Your intro sounds serious…LOL! I didn’t think that this post is about you, being bookworm :)


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