What's in Your Bag?


Burberry dust bag (under the bag)
credit card billing statements
The Bro Code
E71 earphones
iPod earphones
company and grad school IDs
house and condo keys
two combs
Shu Uemura lipstick
Motorola Krazr in Gold
Chance perfume by Chanel
Nokia E71
Louis Vuitton wallet
Salvatore Ferregamo coin purse
iPod classic 160gb
card holder
two sign pens

My current bag is love. It becomes a pain in the arse though because it can easily be stained and can't be easily removed. Oh, the price of designer bags. But, oh well. I still love it anyway.

No car key cos I got into a car accident about a week ago. Thus, no car for I don't know how long! :-(

Anyway, so those are the things that can be found in my bag. Whats's in your bag?


  1. Exciting! I'll post mine too maybe later. Unfortunately for me no car keys as well. At least you it's only been about 1 week, mine its been 8 MONTHS!!! Honda still has my car captive and im scheduled to get it this week I HOPE!. They're a pain i tell you.

  2. I wanna see yours, Carla! What happened to your car? 8 months is way too looong!

  3. Hello Gem, you have an award waiting in my blog. http://littlemisskessa.com

  4. Something with the transmission, it needed to be replaced but they didn't want to have it covered under warranty. We wouldn't agree since the car is an 08 model lang. but eventually they gave it to us narin under warranty but that's it months of waiting. haha

  5. @ Kessa: Thanks for the award!

    @ Carla: sobrang hassle yan. Buti na lang they gave in. Good luck with your car!

  6. Just wanted to say thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll hunny, am loving your blog too xx


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