These Lashes Save the Day!

As most of you do not know, I am on makeup rehab (if there's such a thing). Last June, I spent the long weekend island hopping and wakeboarding. Thus, having a very even tan. I was originally an NC30. Now, NC42 is still light for my skintone. That's how much my skin got burned. This skin problem of mine is the reason why I stopped using makeup and gradually sold them in batches. I couldn't put it to good use anymore. And it just really sucks when I always fail in making myself look good or at least presentable. You know that people here in Manila prefer people with fair skin. Ugh.

So, I tried several alternatives to look good and feel good about myself despite this tan that I have to live with for God knows how long. I tried using my lipsticks again (half of my traincase is filled with lipsticks). But I still felt something was missing, like there was no oomph in my look. I still look.. tanned. Then one day, when I was fixing my traincase, I saw two pairs of unused falsies. At first, I was hesitant to wear it cos the first time I wore falsies, I broke out in hives. Turns out I was allergic to the glue *ahemCinemaSecretsahem* that I bought specifically for falsies. Then I thought, maybe I wouldn't be allergic this time and if I did get allergies, at least I'd get to call in sick haha. So I put eyeliner on my lids then put falsies.. and voila, an oomph in my look!

So, the following day, I headed to the mall with the boyfriend and bought falsies at The Face Shop. It was such a lucky day for me cos they had stock for XLH lashes. If you're a falsies addict, this is pleasure to your eyes! So, I hoarded and got all the boxes of XLH lashes (total of 8 boxes) and 2 boxes of their other lashes (I forget the name)!

I don't wear these falsies everyday though I wish I could. I wear it four times a week (Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun).

Today, I decided to wear makeup with my fave falsies. This is my first atttempt of putting on makeup (for the heck of it) since June.

on my face:
Shu Uemura green corrector concealer
MAC NC30 concealer
Neutrogena Mineral Foundation in Buff
Fashion 21 blush in #1 (cheeks, tip fo the nose, Nars dupe)

on my eyes:
MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre
MAC e/s in Coquette (eyebrows)
MAC e/s in Scant
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack

notice how white my face is from my neck. Ugh.

closer look

Please forgive my uneven eyebrows and my uneven skin tone.

I miss wearing makeup. I miss my skin tone. So until then, falsies is my new best friend.


  1. still looking very purrr-ty sis. ;)

  2. such lovely eyes.. :)

    i have the same lashes but I dont know how to put in on myself.. waahh

    following u now :)

  3. You are beautiful! you don't need foundation to cover up your gorgeous skin missy! :)

  4. awww...
    i agree..
    lashes can really make a difference

    you look smashing,hun!

  5. very pretty Gem! =)
    and also btw, I read in Martha's blog that you said maybe you also got your NYX lippie from me? That i charged you 250? hehe.
    Im not selling NYX po. Binilhan ko lang si Martha coz she's a good online friend. NYX lippies are only Php 100 here in Cebu.. Maybe you're talking about another seller po. Saw her in multiply too! =) just want to clarify that. But no biggie..
    Stay pretty!

  6. gem, you know what? whatever your skintone is, i think you look great! promise talaga.

  7. @ Nikki: Thanks for the compliment and the tag :)

    @ Kay: Just practice. Just keep the tweezers and any makeup brush handy! I just learned from alot of tutorials. Thanks for following my blog :)

    @ Thiamere: Yeh, the wonders of falsies. :)

    @ Khymm: Oh no Khymm, there was a little misunderstanding. I wasn't referring to you. I was referring to Cherie. I got the NYX lippies from her. Martha has a link of Cherie on one of her posts. I know your number naman so I could have easily asked you if I knew you just bought the lipstick for Martha :)

    @ Crystal: awwww, thanks for the compliment. It made me smile haha!

  8. what contacts are you using? :D


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