Stila Stint + MMU Freebies

Last Wednesday, my mom and I dropped by Rustan's after picking me up at work. I heard Stila finally reached MNL last Monday and I just have to see the products that were brought here. I've always fancied Stila. I used to be more partial to it than MAC. My first eyeshadow palette was from Stila. I got it in Singapore for 55sgd! It was an LE though. Everytime a relative from the states visits MNL, I always tell them to buy me any Stila stuff. Haha!

Stila counter @ Essenses Rustan's

OMFG! Their products aren't overpriced! They're actually cheaper here than in Bangkok and Singapore. During my recent trip to Bangkok, I wanted to buy several items from Stila in Siam Paragon. Good thing my mom told me to not buy anymore makeup. Well, mothers know best. I listened! I asked the SA in charge for a complete price list of the available Stila products. She was accomodating enough to give me the price list. I kinda felt bad after seeing the price list because I felt cheated buying my Stila items back then for a more expensive price. But oh well.

So, did I buy anything? Nah. I was with my mom and I couldn't go makeup shopping in front of her cos she got me the complete MAC graphic garden collection in Nordstrom. So, I'm planning to go back later or tomorrow with the boyfriend. I'll prolly hoard lipsticks again. Haha!

On another makeup note, check out these freebies below. I think I'm starting to be a MMU convert. I'll post the reviews soon about these two MMU brands.


  1. what would you recommend for someone who's trying stila for the first time? :) looking forward to seeing what you think of those mmu :)

  2. @ Ida: I recommend their pressed powder and foundation. They're as good as MAC. I'll do and FOTD using Stila :)

  3. oooh how did u get the barenaturals freebies :P

  4. Hi Gem, ack! I'm really really craving for Stila right now! would you know how much the talking eye palette? I'm thinking it's roughly the same price with the Barbie e/s palette to be released (just without the barbie hologram design huhu)

  5. Me too Chelle! I don't understand what's taking Barbie so long to come! Methinks the Barbie talking palette is gon be the same price as the usual talking palette. They shouldn't jack up the price!

  6. Yeah I hope so they won't jack up the price! Is the Talking palette worth Php1450? When I called up Rustan's Shang the SA told me the 4 pan palette costs P1450. I hope it won't reach P2000+ ^.^


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