Rustan's Beauty Source Complete Schedule

To all those who are residing in MNL, Rustan's is having a 3-month seminars/workshops about beauty. As far as I know, this is exclusive to certain female cardholders of a certain bank. But I think/hope Rustan's also allows other females to attend.

As promised, here is the complete schedule of The Beauty Source. Should you want a soft copy of the schedule, please feel free to email me.

On another personal beauty note, my makeup kit fell when I got off the car. My MAC studio fix foundation broke as well as my smudgepot and fluidline. Gawd, I want to breakdown and cry.


  1. Oh shittt! I hate it when I drop my makeup. I broke one of my eyeshadows and used rubbing alcohol to mix it back together. It works!

  2. @ Jae: You think it will work on foundation too? Hmm.. but I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggetion!

  3. :( so sorry to hear about ur broken makeup! :'(

  4. @ Kay: It's really saddening. But hey, at least I have a good reason to buy new makeup :D


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