Nyx Lipstick Army

Look what greeted me yesterday when I got home from work? An Air21 package with my NYX Round lipsticks in it! I literally jumped up and down and danced a bit when I saw it on our dining table. I thought it would arrive today or tomorrow. Oh, how I love surprises.

My staple makeup is lipstick next to eyeliner. I tend to hoard lipsticks without even swatching them. That is also the reason why I'm selling a lot of lipsticks (brand new and swatched). I can say no to blushers and eyeshadows but not lipsticks!

I've always wanted to try Nyx because I heard they're pigmented and they have a pretty wide range of colors (you can't disagree on that). And since I've only been wearing lipstick and/or eye liner since I got this unwanted tan, I decided to buy more than one lipstick. Besides, I also wanted to save on the shipping fee. Haha!

So, meet my Nyx lipstick army.

the package that made my day =)

l to r: Rose, Indian Pink, Louisiana, Fig, and Harmonica
without flash

l to r: Louisiana, Rose, Indian Pink, Harmonica, and Fig
with flash

closer look

Lovely, eh? I will post photos of the swatches or me wearing these lipsticks.... soon. Probably a review will go with it, too.

I love my new lipsticks! Until my next Nyx lipstick purchase! I'm sure this won't be the last time!


  1. ooh where did you but them from? i really want to try them.

  2. Hi Crystal. You can try looking at Multiply =)

  3. @ Nikki: we can never have too much makeup! :)

  4. i have all of them. i love indian pink and fig. im sure youll love em too.

  5. everything looks great!

    since im not a lipstick user i just ended up selling mine...hehe

    but i have to agree that its a good & cheap brand

  6. Fig and indian pink look nice, I'm making a list myself. Lipsticks and eye pencils. Their site is too cool, I reached almost $50 for all the items i want. haha

  7. @ Becky: I saw your Nyx lipstick haul and I was like, "OMFG, what a steal!" If only I still live in LA I would have hoard too haha!

    @ Thiamere: You should have sold it to me :) I'm liking the lipsticks so far.

    @ Caby: I know right! Crazy!!!!!! :)

  8. oh you are going to love fig. i also ordered mine and thalia.

    i suggest you get tea rose and b52. :)

  9. @ THE BEAUTY JUNKEE: I love Fig!!!! I so love it but I don't get to wear it all the time cos the boyfriend isn't a fan of bright shade lipsticks. Boo.

    I also ordered Thalia. It was enabled but a fellow beauty bloggers so I ordered 1 immediately when I saw it on sale online.

    I have b52 and Tea Rose. They are very promising. I suggest you try Pumpkin Pie. It's the Nyx lipstick that surprised me (in a good way) the most!


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