MMU Haul + Kreativ Blog Award

I had another makeup haul over the long weekend. This time, I bought mineral makeup.. finally! After lemming and being curious, I finally gave in. A friend of mine let me swatched severals shades of mineral foundation and I was kind of impressed. I really was thinking of buying a new foundation since NC30 is still light for me. But I don't want to spend that much on my temporary foundation. Alas, mineral foundation answered my problem! I was keen on trying the three local mineral makeup but I only got to try two brands since the representative of the third mmu brand was shady and so not accomodating. Anyways..

It's official. I'm now a mineral makeup convert.

I also bought two pairs of falsies cos I don't want to run out haha! Talk about panicking about falsies (to think I still have 6 pairs of unused falsies). I decided to give TFS' lip and eye makeup remover since some people said it's similar to Shu Eumura's cleansing oils. We'll see about that. Of course, I bought a nail polish in gold! I was already sold the first time I saw it at TFS. Lastly, I bought the most talked about brush among Henry Calayag brushes, the bent eyeliner brush.

ellana products:
happiness and fulfillment (blush)
awake and innocence (concealer/corrector)
twilight and twinkle (eyeshadow)
almond latte and hazelnut latte (foundation)

Reviews are to follow. Promise. =)

If you follow me on Plurk, I plurked that I thought I was overdressed when I went to the mall. Here's why:
Truth be told, I was too lazy to think of what to wear. I just grabbed the first clothing I could inside my (Bangkok) luggage. Then I wore the first sandals I saw in my room.

I received another blog award from Ida. Thank you dear!

To accept this award do the following:
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7 things about me that you MIGHT find interesting:
1. I could pass for a color blind person. I am not color blind per se but sometimes I have a hard time identifying colors. Apparently, my eyes are very sensitive to light and this is what causes my being "color blind."

2. Coffee, to me, is a downer.

3. I used to dislike makeup. It wasn't until September 2007 that I truly and fully appreciated makeup and decided that I wanted to be a makeup artist someday.

4. The most played song on my iPod is Chasing Pavements by Adele.

5. I love when shops go on sale. I just don't understand why I always end up buying regular items.

6. I have 33 pairs of flip flops. It's crazy!

7. I eat as much as a normal man does!

I'm passing this award to Jing, Nikki, Aubrey, Becky, Hanh, Khymm, and Charry.


  1. Hi Gem! Thanks for following my blog! You look very pretty with the dress =) Wow you have A LOT of flip flops that's pretty cool!

  2. you look so adorable in your purple dress.. :)

  3. I love mineral foundation but I can't seem to give up on liquid foundations haha

    You look fab in your purple maxi!

  4. @ Purple strawberry: You're welcome! Flip flops used to be one of my major weakness thus having a whole lot! =)

    @ Kay: Thanks Kay!

    @ Blair: I like using liquid foundation. I just don't like the fact that you always have to use a setting powder or else you'd look dewy hehe. Thanks for the compliment =)

  5. I don't think that outfit is too dressy for the mall. It's a nice, simple maxi dress with flip flops. Can't go wrong with that! Love the colour of the dress btw.

  6. @ Dee: The boyfriend thinks otherwise. But I was glad I was still able to pull it off. Purple is really lovely =)


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