FOTD Using Stila

Finally an FOTD using my Stila makeup! Honestly, I haven't used my first Stila palette for the longest time! I shifted from Stila to MAC to CS then back to MAC. I totally forgot how much I love Stila or my first palette rather. Since Stila finally reached MNL, it's time to put it to good use again.

products used:
Stila sheer pressed powder in Light
Stila Iced Plums palette (eyeliner and blush included)
Stila Smudgepot in Black
Stila kajal eye liner in Onyx
Stila kajal eye liner in Tiger Eyes
Stila kajal eye liner in Topaz

MAC NC30 concealer
MAC e/s in Scant
Olay Regenerist lip balm
MAC lipstick in Angel

closer look

The last photo was actually taken by mistake. I put my Canon 50d in macro mode by accident. Thus the uber close up shot.

To answer Ida's question again, I highly recommend Stila sheer pressed powder. It gives the same effect as MAC's pressed powder.. even better cos unless you have oily face, you don't have to retouch. The staying power is really great. You know you have makeup on but as the same time, you don't look made up. Their eyeshadows seem sheer but they're totally buidable to achieve the effect you want. However, this means longer time of putting on makeup. But it's worth every second. You can also try their eye liners. I actually like them better than MAC powerpoint. The latter smudges on my lids while the kajal eye liners don't.

To sum it up, Stila is definitely worth trying.

Have a good night ladies.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations and that's a really pretty fotd! Your skin looks great. I'll check those products out when I pass by the Stila counter again. Btw, I have a blogger award for you, it's over at my blog :)

  2. We can check out the Stila counter together if you want! Haha! Thanks for the award. Will put it in my blog on my next post =)

  3. you look gorgeous! I love stila. I love when I go back to lost loves. Its so easy to ignore them while keeping up with the new!


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