Food Escapade at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Another food escapade! This time, it's at a fast food chain (I think). I remember the day I ate at DQ Grill & Chll clearly - mainly because I wasn't that hungry. My mom and I were at the mall shopping when we passed by DQ. I thought I read it wrong cos I've always known DQ to be an ice cream parlor. So I told my mom to try DQ's food. When we got near the counter and checked the price, wow, they're cheap! We ordered burger, fish and chips, sundae, soda, and blizzard.

sundae and burger (not in photo) - 79THB

fish and chips with soda - 99THB

coffee oreo blizzard - 35THB

I'd say, not bad! We've always known and loved DQ for their blizzard. Now, it's time to love the food they serve apart from the blizzard. Haha! You should mos def try it!

Hope y'all enjoyed your long weekend!


  1. i love their blizzards as well and for me, i can never really finish the small cause they give me so dam much! but hey i'm not complaning :P

  2. Yeh, their blizzards are LOVE =)

  3. Where is this??? I want! I'm a major DQ/Blizzard addict, I want to check out their food. :D

  4. Eeep, just saw that the prices are in baht, will definitely check this out when we go to Thailand next year. :D

  5. Yeh, This DQ branch is located all the way in Bangkok! But I swear it's worth eating there! They have different flavors that I haven't seen in the US and here in MNL :)


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