Food Escapade at Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Coffee is an American/Thai Restaurant in Thailand. From my observation, the ratio of their branches to Starbucks Coffee branches here in Manila is 2:1. They're literally everywhere. I went to this certain mall with 6 floors, Black Canyon Coffee has 4 branches inside! You can't consider them as a fast food chain cos it's just not. They're actually similar to Pancake House, even the price.

Black Canyon Coffee was the first restaurant that I dined in when I arrived in Thailand. My mom has been to Bangkok 348464570450 times and she insisted that I should try their Pad Thai. I never did. Haha! Well, I didn't order a plate for myself. I just got some from her plate.

my order: I forgot the name haha, THB75

my mom and her Pad Thai, THB75

Pad Thai and Iced Tea (THB35)

Conversion of Thailand Baht to Philippine Peso is Php1.46. So if you convert the price, you'd know that the food isn't overpriced. They also serve dessert that starts at THB30. We ordered dessert but I couldn't find the photos.

So, if ever you plan to go to Thailand and you see Black Canyon Coffee (which I bet you will), don't hesistate to try this restaurant!


  1. thanks for following,hun!
    it looks so yummy!
    & your mom is really very pretty



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