Entry: My Bag Collection

I stumbled upon Summer's blog and I saw that she's having her first giveaway. I don't usually join contests over the net because I tend to get lazy a whole lot. But I was enticed by Summer's fist contest. It's about bags!

So, here is a picture of my bag collection (half of it). I wasn't able to include my other bags because it is in my pad.

clockwise l to r:
Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo
Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull PM
Longchamp (dark gray)
Longchamp (long handle, red)
Longchamp (olive green)
Longchamp (old rose)
Longchamp (a4 document size, black)
Longchamp (brown)
Chanel Classic Flap
Bottega Veneta
Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Pouchette
Louis Vuitton Coussin

not in photo:
Louis Vuitton Epi Alma (black)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma
Louis Vuitton Monogram Montorguiel PM
Gucci belt bag (black)

Here's a photo of me with my favorite bag (among the bags I own, of course). This photo was taken last March in Fiamma. Chanel classic flap is my favorite because it's very classy and versatile. At first, I thought this bag could only be used during parties or other social events where you really need to dress up. But boy was I wrong! This bag looks just as great even when you're wearing denim jeans! This bag really does give you a superb look no matter what you're wearing. It might be pretty expensive but it's really worth it.

Here's a photo of the bag that I dream of having ten years from now - a purple Hermes birkin 40cm bag. I gotta have this bag.

I was actually impressed with Summer's blog because most of her entries are long. It goes to show that she really makes time for blogging be it about beauty, food, or travelling! And oh, Summer, don't worry too much about your skin. I don't think you're old.. all the more that you don't look old. You're probably just 25 years old =)


  1. HOLY i am totally ENVIOUS of your bag collection!! Burb, chanel, LV... Gucci... *drool* lol!

    I agree, if an attractive sales person is trying to sell me something Id be more tempted to buy it because I want to look like her! hehe. but if they're bitchy... then no thank you!

  2. Hey girl~
    HOT Hot bags. I luv them all. I also would luv to get a Hermes and that color is fabulous. =)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following.

  3. dang! u got a pretty big collection! <3
    such good taste in bags! :)
    i have to say, the Chanel class flap is my fav amongst the whole bunch! :P looks great with u :)

  4. You have a fab designer bag collection. And they are not "just bags". :)

    That Hermes is a good choice. :)

  5. @ Pop Champagne: yeh, an attractive yet bitchy SA is always blah..

    @ Sassy Jadore: You're welcome :)

  6. @ Kay: Thank you! I'm really a sucker for designer bags :)

    @ Pammy: Hermes has always been a good choice. I just really hope I can afford to buy one ten years from now!

  7. Gem love your bottega!! joined the contest too, love bags haha :)

  8. @ Carla: I love my Bottega, too. I bought it out of impulsiveness and depression tho haha!

  9. @ Sara: that's my bag heaven :)

  10. I am drooling over your collection... haha.. I only have 3 of what you have!

    Nice meeting you on here! you have such a lovely blog and an awesome bag collection of course..

    Take care!=]

  11. @ Miss Katin: I really love designer bags. Nice meeting you too Miss Katin :)

  12. can i say i loooove your bags?! :)

    i don't have that much bags. i only have three and i'm so proud of 'em. an lv speedy 25, prada tessuto sport and a longchamp le pliage large indigo blue.

    my long term goal: to buy a chanel quilted flap bag. :)

    i have tons of kipling bags. those are my staple bags during highschool and i still find 'em handy up to now. :)

  13. @ THE BEAUTY JUNKEE: Thanks for loving my bags hehe :)

    Oooh, I gotta say collecting Longchamp is very addicting! Goodluck with your long term goal. Good choice! I'm sure you'll be able to buy one eventually :)


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