Brushes Madness + Blogger Buddy Award

Hello everyone! Guess what made my day? My new brushes! I know, I know I'm still on make-up rehab but I just couldn't say no to these brushes. I'll be using them this weekend since I'll be doing my friend's makeup. The thing I'm not sure of is that I don't know when I will be using them for myself.. or if I ever will.

Hopefully in three months' time I'll be able to put on/use my makeup again (if I still have makeup left, that is!). No more getting tan for me.. ever!

But anyway, I finally got my hands on them and I feel so happy looking at them. They're so pretty!

eco brushes (eye shader, concealer, face, and kabuki) and flat top brush

mineral liptint

EMU oil soap bars, primer, MMU, and mineral liptint

Aren't they lovely? Freebies = LOVE

On a different note, I got my first blog award today. It's so humbling to receive one and it inspires me at the same time to blog more about vanity and everything in between. Haha! I'm looking forward to meet more women who share the same interest in makeup. Thank you, Kessa, for the award!


  1. I've been contemplating on getting the eco brush or the deluxe brush set. Still don't know which to get though. Have you tried the emu oil soap? I wanna try cocktail :)

  2. I kind of had a hard time deciding which set to get. But I realised I wanted th eco brushes more since I lost by MAC buffer brush. I need a face brush because I already have MAC 187 and Charm's stippling brush. I stopped using foundation (all kinds) since June so I don't need the foundation brush. They both have the concealer brush. IMO, the eyeshader brush is more sturdy than the eyeshadw brush included in the deluxe set (basing it from its look haha).

    I'm currently using the EMU soap! So far, no allergies. So that's a yay!

    Try Malunglow if you're thinking of trying Cocktail.. better daw!

    I wanna be one of their re-sellers na haha!

  3. omg! flat top eco tools?? I didn't know about this! Must find it!

  4. @ Stephanie: check :)


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