Another Makeup Gig

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for being MIA over the weekend. My schedule was pretty hectic and I wasn't able to post entries on my blog. I was only able to update on Plurk. Anyways..

It's a long weekend here in MNL so there's no work today! Yay! So, today is officially a rest day for me.

Last Saturday, I went down south for a photoshoot. My friend who is now a photographer asked me if I can be their makeup artist for his shoot! Of course, I said yes! That's something I won't say no to! Haha!

It was soo much fun! I really missed doing makeup on other people. The last time I did this (for something serious like an event) was last April! Gawd, sometimes I wonder why I was such a late bloomer in makeup.

that's me doing Camille's makeup

Camille's look for the shoot
(I forgot to take a "before look" shot")

Of course, there is always a test shot for shoots. Here are some of the test shots. Hehe. Please don't laugh. I really didn't want to be in the photos haha!

On a sadder note, something bad happened to one of my favorite lippies. It really broke my heart when I saw what it turned into. Another thing that breaks my heart the most is that this particular MAC lippie is not even available here in MNL! So, I have to ask people who might be going out of the country to buy this lippie for me. It's really heartbreaking. I'm always clumsy during shoots. I always break lippies or do some damage on them. Argh. Now I'm remembering the tragedy that happened to my MAC Vinyl and Sushi Sashimi lippies. Argh.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend ladies!


  1. what lippie is the one that is pictured? it's gorgeous

  2. It breaks my heart to see a lippie getting mish mashed, too :(

    But congrats on a successful gig, Gem! :)

  3. nice look.. u did a great job~~ hhaa... i like doin make up for pple too... but i am not tt pro~ :)


  4. @ bollywonder9: it's MAC lipstick in Angel. My fave MAC lipstick! It looks even more gorgeous on lips!

    @ Teeyah: you feel me! Thanks! :)

  5. @ Winwin: Thannks! You can practice doing makeup on your friends :)

  6. great pictures that girl looks sexy !:D!! sorry bout your mac lipstick ..:C

  7. Thanks! She actually kind of looks like this actress here in MNL :)

  8. sorry about your lippy :(

    and you look good in the photos :D

  9. Awww so pretty! i love it

    Argh i hate when i do that to lipsticks. That happened to my NYX round lipstick in Thalia - one of my favs too! :( oh well

  10. the look is very pretty :D congrats

    gah =x hope you get a new lippie soon ><

  11. 1st, I wanna say, you have the most amazing bag collection I have ever seen!! i want those LVs! ahahah! :)

    You are so beautiful and I'm sorry the revlon nails didn't work out for you :(

  12. @ Antonea: Thanks! I want that Nyx lippie in Thalia too!

    @ Elle: Good thing my dad is going to Hong Kong next week. I'll ask him to by the same ippie for me!

    @ Iyah: Thank you! I'm a sucker for designer bags. I think I just need to learn how to buff my nails really well :)

  13. Thanks for stopping by =)

    Good job at the photoshoot.

    Sorry about the lippie. I hate it when I bang up my make up~usually the victims are my eyeshadows.

  14. @ Jenn: at least you can still do somthing with the eyeshadows :)

    @ Pakkaramu: Thanks!

  15. How pretty does the makeup look? Congratulations!
    Gasp, I can't believe that poor lippie got mashed...Angel is such a pretty colour - I don't have it, but I do have Creme Cup which is quite similar. Have you tried it?

  16. I haven't tried Creme Cup because it was already sold out when I got to the MAC counter but I've heard it's a really good lippie ='(

  17. I love your shoes! Where did you get those?

  18. @ Tish: I bought it in Thailand :)


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