Another Makeup Gig

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for being MIA over the weekend. My schedule was pretty hectic and I wasn't able to post entries on my blog. I was only able to update on Plurk. Anyways..

It's a long weekend here in MNL so there's no work today! Yay! So, today is officially a rest day for me.

Last Saturday, I went down south for a photoshoot. My friend who is now a photographer asked me if I can be their makeup artist for his shoot! Of course, I said yes! That's something I won't say no to! Haha!

It was soo much fun! I really missed doing makeup on other people. The last time I did this (for something serious like an event) was last April! Gawd, sometimes I wonder why I was such a late bloomer in makeup.

that's me doing Camille's makeup

Camille's look for the shoot
(I forgot to take a "before look" shot")

Of course, there is always a test shot for shoots. Here are some of the test shots. Hehe. Please don't laugh. I really didn't want to be in the photos haha!

On a sadder note, something bad happened to one of my favorite lippies. It really broke my heart when I saw what it turned into. Another thing that breaks my heart the most is that this particular MAC lippie is not even available here in MNL! So, I have to ask people who might be going out of the country to buy this lippie for me. It's really heartbreaking. I'm always clumsy during shoots. I always break lippies or do some damage on them. Argh. Now I'm remembering the tragedy that happened to my MAC Vinyl and Sushi Sashimi lippies. Argh.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend ladies!

Entry: My Bag Collection

I stumbled upon Summer's blog and I saw that she's having her first giveaway. I don't usually join contests over the net because I tend to get lazy a whole lot. But I was enticed by Summer's fist contest. It's about bags!

So, here is a picture of my bag collection (half of it). I wasn't able to include my other bags because it is in my pad.

clockwise l to r:
Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo
Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull PM
Longchamp (dark gray)
Longchamp (long handle, red)
Longchamp (olive green)
Longchamp (old rose)
Longchamp (a4 document size, black)
Longchamp (brown)
Chanel Classic Flap
Bottega Veneta
Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy 30
Louis Vuitton Pouchette
Louis Vuitton Coussin

not in photo:
Louis Vuitton Epi Alma (black)
Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma
Louis Vuitton Monogram Montorguiel PM
Gucci belt bag (black)

Here's a photo of me with my favorite bag (among the bags I own, of course). This photo was taken last March in Fiamma. Chanel classic flap is my favorite because it's very classy and versatile. At first, I thought this bag could only be used during parties or other social events where you really need to dress up. But boy was I wrong! This bag looks just as great even when you're wearing denim jeans! This bag really does give you a superb look no matter what you're wearing. It might be pretty expensive but it's really worth it.

Here's a photo of the bag that I dream of having ten years from now - a purple Hermes birkin 40cm bag. I gotta have this bag.

I was actually impressed with Summer's blog because most of her entries are long. It goes to show that she really makes time for blogging be it about beauty, food, or travelling! And oh, Summer, don't worry too much about your skin. I don't think you're old.. all the more that you don't look old. You're probably just 25 years old =)

Rustan's Beauty Source Complete Schedule

To all those who are residing in MNL, Rustan's is having a 3-month seminars/workshops about beauty. As far as I know, this is exclusive to certain female cardholders of a certain bank. But I think/hope Rustan's also allows other females to attend.

As promised, here is the complete schedule of The Beauty Source. Should you want a soft copy of the schedule, please feel free to email me.

On another personal beauty note, my makeup kit fell when I got off the car. My MAC studio fix foundation broke as well as my smudgepot and fluidline. Gawd, I want to breakdown and cry.

MMU Haul + Kreativ Blog Award

I had another makeup haul over the long weekend. This time, I bought mineral makeup.. finally! After lemming and being curious, I finally gave in. A friend of mine let me swatched severals shades of mineral foundation and I was kind of impressed. I really was thinking of buying a new foundation since NC30 is still light for me. But I don't want to spend that much on my temporary foundation. Alas, mineral foundation answered my problem! I was keen on trying the three local mineral makeup but I only got to try two brands since the representative of the third mmu brand was shady and so not accomodating. Anyways..

It's official. I'm now a mineral makeup convert.

I also bought two pairs of falsies cos I don't want to run out haha! Talk about panicking about falsies (to think I still have 6 pairs of unused falsies). I decided to give TFS' lip and eye makeup remover since some people said it's similar to Shu Eumura's cleansing oils. We'll see about that. Of course, I bought a nail polish in gold! I was already sold the first time I saw it at TFS. Lastly, I bought the most talked about brush among Henry Calayag brushes, the bent eyeliner brush.

ellana products:
happiness and fulfillment (blush)
awake and innocence (concealer/corrector)
twilight and twinkle (eyeshadow)
almond latte and hazelnut latte (foundation)

Reviews are to follow. Promise. =)

If you follow me on Plurk, I plurked that I thought I was overdressed when I went to the mall. Here's why:
Truth be told, I was too lazy to think of what to wear. I just grabbed the first clothing I could inside my (Bangkok) luggage. Then I wore the first sandals I saw in my room.

I received another blog award from Ida. Thank you dear!

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5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
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7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

7 things about me that you MIGHT find interesting:
1. I could pass for a color blind person. I am not color blind per se but sometimes I have a hard time identifying colors. Apparently, my eyes are very sensitive to light and this is what causes my being "color blind."

2. Coffee, to me, is a downer.

3. I used to dislike makeup. It wasn't until September 2007 that I truly and fully appreciated makeup and decided that I wanted to be a makeup artist someday.

4. The most played song on my iPod is Chasing Pavements by Adele.

5. I love when shops go on sale. I just don't understand why I always end up buying regular items.

6. I have 33 pairs of flip flops. It's crazy!

7. I eat as much as a normal man does!

I'm passing this award to Jing, Nikki, Aubrey, Becky, Hanh, Khymm, and Charry.

FOTD Using Stila

Finally an FOTD using my Stila makeup! Honestly, I haven't used my first Stila palette for the longest time! I shifted from Stila to MAC to CS then back to MAC. I totally forgot how much I love Stila or my first palette rather. Since Stila finally reached MNL, it's time to put it to good use again.

products used:
Stila sheer pressed powder in Light
Stila Iced Plums palette (eyeliner and blush included)
Stila Smudgepot in Black
Stila kajal eye liner in Onyx
Stila kajal eye liner in Tiger Eyes
Stila kajal eye liner in Topaz

MAC NC30 concealer
MAC e/s in Scant
Olay Regenerist lip balm
MAC lipstick in Angel

closer look

The last photo was actually taken by mistake. I put my Canon 50d in macro mode by accident. Thus the uber close up shot.

To answer Ida's question again, I highly recommend Stila sheer pressed powder. It gives the same effect as MAC's pressed powder.. even better cos unless you have oily face, you don't have to retouch. The staying power is really great. You know you have makeup on but as the same time, you don't look made up. Their eyeshadows seem sheer but they're totally buidable to achieve the effect you want. However, this means longer time of putting on makeup. But it's worth every second. You can also try their eye liners. I actually like them better than MAC powerpoint. The latter smudges on my lids while the kajal eye liners don't.

To sum it up, Stila is definitely worth trying.

Have a good night ladies.

Food Escapade at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Another food escapade! This time, it's at a fast food chain (I think). I remember the day I ate at DQ Grill & Chll clearly - mainly because I wasn't that hungry. My mom and I were at the mall shopping when we passed by DQ. I thought I read it wrong cos I've always known DQ to be an ice cream parlor. So I told my mom to try DQ's food. When we got near the counter and checked the price, wow, they're cheap! We ordered burger, fish and chips, sundae, soda, and blizzard.

sundae and burger (not in photo) - 79THB

fish and chips with soda - 99THB

coffee oreo blizzard - 35THB

I'd say, not bad! We've always known and loved DQ for their blizzard. Now, it's time to love the food they serve apart from the blizzard. Haha! You should mos def try it!

Hope y'all enjoyed your long weekend!

Stila Stint + MMU Freebies

Last Wednesday, my mom and I dropped by Rustan's after picking me up at work. I heard Stila finally reached MNL last Monday and I just have to see the products that were brought here. I've always fancied Stila. I used to be more partial to it than MAC. My first eyeshadow palette was from Stila. I got it in Singapore for 55sgd! It was an LE though. Everytime a relative from the states visits MNL, I always tell them to buy me any Stila stuff. Haha!

Stila counter @ Essenses Rustan's

OMFG! Their products aren't overpriced! They're actually cheaper here than in Bangkok and Singapore. During my recent trip to Bangkok, I wanted to buy several items from Stila in Siam Paragon. Good thing my mom told me to not buy anymore makeup. Well, mothers know best. I listened! I asked the SA in charge for a complete price list of the available Stila products. She was accomodating enough to give me the price list. I kinda felt bad after seeing the price list because I felt cheated buying my Stila items back then for a more expensive price. But oh well.

So, did I buy anything? Nah. I was with my mom and I couldn't go makeup shopping in front of her cos she got me the complete MAC graphic garden collection in Nordstrom. So, I'm planning to go back later or tomorrow with the boyfriend. I'll prolly hoard lipsticks again. Haha!

On another makeup note, check out these freebies below. I think I'm starting to be a MMU convert. I'll post the reviews soon about these two MMU brands.

These Lashes Save the Day!

As most of you do not know, I am on makeup rehab (if there's such a thing). Last June, I spent the long weekend island hopping and wakeboarding. Thus, having a very even tan. I was originally an NC30. Now, NC42 is still light for my skintone. That's how much my skin got burned. This skin problem of mine is the reason why I stopped using makeup and gradually sold them in batches. I couldn't put it to good use anymore. And it just really sucks when I always fail in making myself look good or at least presentable. You know that people here in Manila prefer people with fair skin. Ugh.

So, I tried several alternatives to look good and feel good about myself despite this tan that I have to live with for God knows how long. I tried using my lipsticks again (half of my traincase is filled with lipsticks). But I still felt something was missing, like there was no oomph in my look. I still look.. tanned. Then one day, when I was fixing my traincase, I saw two pairs of unused falsies. At first, I was hesitant to wear it cos the first time I wore falsies, I broke out in hives. Turns out I was allergic to the glue *ahemCinemaSecretsahem* that I bought specifically for falsies. Then I thought, maybe I wouldn't be allergic this time and if I did get allergies, at least I'd get to call in sick haha. So I put eyeliner on my lids then put falsies.. and voila, an oomph in my look!

So, the following day, I headed to the mall with the boyfriend and bought falsies at The Face Shop. It was such a lucky day for me cos they had stock for XLH lashes. If you're a falsies addict, this is pleasure to your eyes! So, I hoarded and got all the boxes of XLH lashes (total of 8 boxes) and 2 boxes of their other lashes (I forget the name)!

I don't wear these falsies everyday though I wish I could. I wear it four times a week (Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun).

Today, I decided to wear makeup with my fave falsies. This is my first atttempt of putting on makeup (for the heck of it) since June.

on my face:
Shu Uemura green corrector concealer
MAC NC30 concealer
Neutrogena Mineral Foundation in Buff
Fashion 21 blush in #1 (cheeks, tip fo the nose, Nars dupe)

on my eyes:
MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre
MAC e/s in Coquette (eyebrows)
MAC e/s in Scant
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack

notice how white my face is from my neck. Ugh.

closer look

Please forgive my uneven eyebrows and my uneven skin tone.

I miss wearing makeup. I miss my skin tone. So until then, falsies is my new best friend.

Nyx Lipstick Army

Look what greeted me yesterday when I got home from work? An Air21 package with my NYX Round lipsticks in it! I literally jumped up and down and danced a bit when I saw it on our dining table. I thought it would arrive today or tomorrow. Oh, how I love surprises.

My staple makeup is lipstick next to eyeliner. I tend to hoard lipsticks without even swatching them. That is also the reason why I'm selling a lot of lipsticks (brand new and swatched). I can say no to blushers and eyeshadows but not lipsticks!

I've always wanted to try Nyx because I heard they're pigmented and they have a pretty wide range of colors (you can't disagree on that). And since I've only been wearing lipstick and/or eye liner since I got this unwanted tan, I decided to buy more than one lipstick. Besides, I also wanted to save on the shipping fee. Haha!

So, meet my Nyx lipstick army.

the package that made my day =)

l to r: Rose, Indian Pink, Louisiana, Fig, and Harmonica
without flash

l to r: Louisiana, Rose, Indian Pink, Harmonica, and Fig
with flash

closer look

Lovely, eh? I will post photos of the swatches or me wearing these lipsticks.... soon. Probably a review will go with it, too.

I love my new lipsticks! Until my next Nyx lipstick purchase! I'm sure this won't be the last time!

Food Escapade at Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Coffee is an American/Thai Restaurant in Thailand. From my observation, the ratio of their branches to Starbucks Coffee branches here in Manila is 2:1. They're literally everywhere. I went to this certain mall with 6 floors, Black Canyon Coffee has 4 branches inside! You can't consider them as a fast food chain cos it's just not. They're actually similar to Pancake House, even the price.

Black Canyon Coffee was the first restaurant that I dined in when I arrived in Thailand. My mom has been to Bangkok 348464570450 times and she insisted that I should try their Pad Thai. I never did. Haha! Well, I didn't order a plate for myself. I just got some from her plate.

my order: I forgot the name haha, THB75

my mom and her Pad Thai, THB75

Pad Thai and Iced Tea (THB35)

Conversion of Thailand Baht to Philippine Peso is Php1.46. So if you convert the price, you'd know that the food isn't overpriced. They also serve dessert that starts at THB30. We ordered dessert but I couldn't find the photos.

So, if ever you plan to go to Thailand and you see Black Canyon Coffee (which I bet you will), don't hesistate to try this restaurant!

What's Keeping Me Busy These Days?

I have a confession to make.

I am a bookworm. I've always loved books and I still do. I have my own mini library inside my bedroom. However, ever since I started working, I have less or no time at all to read or finish a book. Sucks, I know.

The Twilight Saga was an exception, of course. =)

Since there are raves about True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books (how the story is way way better than Twilight), of course I can't help but be curious. I've been looking for the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series since May 2009 but the bookstores didn't have stock. They only had the whole collection and I didn't want to buy all the books yet cos I wasn't sure I was gon like the story. Btw, I still haven't seen a single episode since we don't have Cinemax.

But the long wait is over. I saw the first book at Fully Booked, Rockwell and I immediately grabbed a copy for myself. It sucks that's it's not hard bound and that I would have to wait at least two months if I wanted a hard bound copy (another info: I prefer hard bound books and I usually order and wait for hard bound copies). My friend mentioned The Bro Code and I also grabbed a copy since Ive always been curious about it and I've been wanting to watch How I Met Your Mother. I just need more time. I'm a really busy person. Haha!

Meet the two things that are keeping me busy.

How about you guys? What's keeping you busy these days aside from makeup? =)

Brushes Madness + Blogger Buddy Award

Hello everyone! Guess what made my day? My new brushes! I know, I know I'm still on make-up rehab but I just couldn't say no to these brushes. I'll be using them this weekend since I'll be doing my friend's makeup. The thing I'm not sure of is that I don't know when I will be using them for myself.. or if I ever will.

Hopefully in three months' time I'll be able to put on/use my makeup again (if I still have makeup left, that is!). No more getting tan for me.. ever!

But anyway, I finally got my hands on them and I feel so happy looking at them. They're so pretty!

eco brushes (eye shader, concealer, face, and kabuki) and flat top brush

mineral liptint

EMU oil soap bars, primer, MMU, and mineral liptint

Aren't they lovely? Freebies = LOVE

On a different note, I got my first blog award today. It's so humbling to receive one and it inspires me at the same time to blog more about vanity and everything in between. Haha! I'm looking forward to meet more women who share the same interest in makeup. Thank you, Kessa, for the award!

What's in Your Bag?


Burberry dust bag (under the bag)
credit card billing statements
The Bro Code
E71 earphones
iPod earphones
company and grad school IDs
house and condo keys
two combs
Shu Uemura lipstick
Motorola Krazr in Gold
Chance perfume by Chanel
Nokia E71
Louis Vuitton wallet
Salvatore Ferregamo coin purse
iPod classic 160gb
card holder
two sign pens

My current bag is love. It becomes a pain in the arse though because it can easily be stained and can't be easily removed. Oh, the price of designer bags. But, oh well. I still love it anyway.

No car key cos I got into a car accident about a week ago. Thus, no car for I don't know how long! :-(

Anyway, so those are the things that can be found in my bag. Whats's in your bag?

What Makes My Nails Happy?

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current CG nail polish color on my nails

I've always been a fan of nail polishes and nail art. I even get virtual nails every now and then. But since I like to keep it simple, I try to stay away from nail art (aside from the fact that it's not allowed in the office). My fave nail polishes are China Glaze and TFS nail polish. :-)

And I'm off to a date! Toodles!

A New Beginning

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I've finally decided to create a blog for my makeup and food musings. Thus, rarevanity @ I actually wanted rarebeauty as I will also post entries about my love for food and travelling. But that username is already taken. Le sigh. Second choice was rarevanity because I couldn't think of any other word that can be linked to makeup addiction, primarily. Well, the word rare actually comes from the first four letters of my last name.

Hopefully, I won't get lazy about posting entries this time.

Cheers to my upcoming posts!