Include in Your Skincare Regimen: Dermal Facial Mask*

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During my recent trip to Japan, I noticed how the locals and other Asian people hoard on facial masks.  Side note: I know that others are not Japanese because they fell in line on the tax-free counter. My cousin even asked me about the purpose of facial masks.

Then I asked several people if they use facial mask frequently and if it's part of their skin care regimen. I got a resounding no. Couldn't blame them. I was one of those people until I chanced upon a huge sale of facial masks in 2013. PhP15 per mask, hello! That's when I started to take facial masks seriously.

Last year, I remember receiving an e-mail from a renowned makeup artist, the one and only, Barbi Chan, telling me that she'll be sending me Dermal facial masks from South Korea. I immediately tried the Apricot one and hoarded at Beauty Bar forgetting about the other 4 facial masks. 

Luckily, I still have the other 4 facial masks with me (and was able to bring it with my limited stash of makeup and skincare). 

Dermal Facial Mask, PhP70 each

Food Escapade at Café Nescafé

One of the things that was part of my to-do list in South Korea was to go to coffee shops. That's already a given considering I'm a huge coffee lover. Fortunately, across our hotel was Café Nescafé.

Okay, so we all know the brand Nescafé. I just never thought they actually have a café!

Latté for South Korea's very cold weather!

Shiseido Veiled Rouge for Spring/Summer 2015*

Sample Room invited us at Shiseido's 2nd International Beauty Fair last March. This was something I couldn't dare miss because I missed the first one last year. Besides, anything for Sophie and the whole Sample Room peeps!

I arrived very late and Naka was almost done with her makeup demo. I chatted with Char and Say at the cocktail table to catch up with life. After the demo, most of us were given 10,000 Shiseido money to spend on the latest collection. That's when everyone went crazy! I got a total of 6 products but for today, I'm reviewing their Veiled Rouge.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in RD309 and RS711

Then and Now Favorite: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush

Remember when mineral cosmetics was like the IT makeup back in 2009? I do. One local brand became a cult favorite of mine when it comes to mineral cosmetics. 

I still remember spending about an hour at Ellana's stall in SM Megamall thinking which eyeshadow to get etc etc. For their blushers, I was loyal to one particular shade: Flirtation. I accumulated about 4 pots of that blush and I kept the last one because I thought Ellana has stopped production over the years. That's why I was so ecstatic when they made a comeback last 2014! It was definitely a revamp!

from powder blush to compact blush. Neat!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Having tried more than 20 BB creams, believe me when I say I love it especially now that BB creams come in more than 2 shades! Say what?!

Missha has always been in my to-buy list of BB creams because I've read good things about this brand. 3 or 4 years ago, this brand wasn't here in Manila yet so that got me even more excited to get my hands on this. Missha was the only brand I had in mind when I went to Korea. That's how determined I was to try this brand.

Two tubes later, I still love this Missha BB cream.

Let's see what that 'Perfect Cover' is all about!

Zenutrients Argan Line Launch

Last weekend, I attended Zenutrients' Argan Line launch [invite courtesy of Sample Room]. I've known about this brand for a while but I have only tried one product from them which is their gugo shampoo. One thing that will definitely catch your attention is that most of Zenutrients' products have the actual ingredients inside. I think it's cool.

Arian Oil has been making waves for a couple of years now and finding out that Zenutrients came up with a bar soap with Argan got me curious. An organic brand + Argan Oil = tender loving care for our hair and body!

Argan goodies!

Food Escapade at UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork

When I found out that UCC has their own version of a third wave coffee shop, I wanted to visit t right away. It's all the way in Macapagal though so that set me back for a while. But it's been in my to-visit coffee shop list.

Last Sunday, we were in Blue Bay Walk and I remembered that UCC 3rd ave Clockwork was somewhere there. I told L we had to go. So, we did.

Looks different from the usual UCC coffee shop.