Then and Now Favorite: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush

Remember when mineral cosmetics was like the IT makeup back in 2009? I do. One local brand became a cult favorite of mine when it comes to mineral cosmetics. 

I still remember spending about an hour at Ellana's stall in SM Megamall thinking which eyeshadow to get etc etc. For their blushers, I was loyal to one particular shade: Flirtation. I accumulated about 4 pots of that blush and I kept the last one because I thought Ellana has stopped production over the years. That's why I was so ecstatic when they made a comeback last 2014! It was definitely a revamp!

from powder blush to compact blush. Neat!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Having tried more than 20 BB creams, believe me when I say I love it especially now that BB creams come in more than 2 shades! Say what?!

Missha has always been in my to-buy list of BB creams because I've read good things about this brand. 3 or 4 years ago, this brand wasn't here in Manila yet so that got me even more excited to get my hands on this. Missha was the only brand I had in mind when I went to Korea. That's how determined I was to try this brand.

Two tubes later, I still love this Missha BB cream.

Let's see what that 'Perfect Cover' is all about!

Zenutrients Argan Line Launch

Last weekend, I attended Zenutrients' Argan Line launch [invite courtesy of Sample Room]. I've known about this brand for a while but I have only tried one product from them which is their gugo shampoo. One thing that will definitely catch your attention is that most of Zenutrients' products have the actual ingredients inside. I think it's cool.

Arian Oil has been making waves for a couple of years now and finding out that Zenutrients came up with a bar soap with Argan got me curious. An organic brand + Argan Oil = tender loving care for our hair and body!

Argan goodies!

Food Escapade at UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork

When I found out that UCC has their own version of a third wave coffee shop, I wanted to visit t right away. It's all the way in Macapagal though so that set me back for a while. But it's been in my to-visit coffee shop list.

Last Sunday, we were in Blue Bay Walk and I remembered that UCC 3rd ave Clockwork was somewhere there. I told L we had to go. So, we did.

Looks different from the usual UCC coffee shop.

Food Escapade at Kimukatsu

The new wing of Shangri-la Mall has a lot of restaurants worth trying. Since the mall is near our place, we have enough time to ooh around and decide where to eat.

Passing around Kimukatsu for the first time, I thought it's just another restaurant that is focusing on Katsu. Think of Yabu. I did a little googling on this restaurant and found there's still a difference.

Katsu with flavours. Now, we're talking.

Food Escapade at Texas Roadhouse Grill

I've tried Texas Roadhouse Grill when they first opened in BGC. The food was okay although I can't remember much because I used to go there to drink.

After one random check-up in the hospital, my mom and I decided to have last lunch at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Shang-ri La Mall.

Fish and chips

Pork with mushroom sauce

Mom's salad

I don't remember the prices of the food we ordered but mom and I liked all of our orders The pork was tasty and so was the salad! I actually wanted to order another plate! I gotta say though that portions are big that's why my mom and I didn't finish our food even if we were so hungry.

At least now, I remember Texas Roadhouse Grill for the good food and not just for the booze.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!

L'Oreal Super Liner (Ultra Sharp)*

Time and again, I've always said that if there is one makeup product that I can't live without, it's definitely eyeliner. As we speak, I'm actually debating myself whether that still holds true as I've been skipping eyeliner on certain days when I'm running late but still making sure my brows are filled in. Hmmm, things that happen when you grow old.

During the L'Oreal Miss Manga launch, we were allowed to get a few items. I got a liquid foundation, powder blush, and a lipstick. I exchanged "notes" with Aya and Raych one what they got and Aya showed me the eyeliner. I didn't give much thought about L'Oreal's eyeliner cos I've been skipping it but then I realised that I wasn't that sold on the lipstick that I got. Might as well exchange it with the eyeliner as I've never tried an eyeliner from the brand.

I'm glad I exchanged the lipstick with this eyeliner.

L'Oreal wasn't kidding when they named this liner Ultra Sharp.