My K-Drama Addiction: She Was Pretty

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Okay, I never really understood the K-Drama and this whole K-Pop shebang - how almost everyone in the world loves K-Pop. Even that's an understatement. Every time I hear a new K-pop band having concerts in Hong Kong and Manila, I'm always amazed by the fanbase. It's crazy. Hollywood style but Asian.

The first K-Drama I watched was Boys Over Flowers. I watched it because I like the story of Meteor Garden and of course, Lee Min Ho. But even then, I don't recall being obssessed with the show. I even skipped several episodes. The show (itself) also did not become a precedent to me being drawn to K-Drama. It was more of being interested with other K-dramas that Lee Min Ho starred in. But even my so-called infatuation with this Oppa didn't last long.

I've watched other K-dramas that were shown during primetime on a local TV. But it was because K-drama is the last show before the news and I watch the news. Or that I always leave the TV on until I pass out. But these K-dramas still didn't tickle my fancy.

Then came "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?". Okay, that will have a separate post. But I gotta say, it was the K-drama that really got me hooked into this K-drama/K-pop craze.

I told myself though, I gotta set some limits cos I do not have all the time in the world to watch all the recommended shows. And that limit started with watching shows that Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young starred in. That seemed to be an easy way to start my calculated addiction (if that made sense). Well, that's what I thought.

After watching What's Wrong with Secretary Kim last year, I haven't really thought of watching a new show. To me, Secretary Kim was that good. All the feels were right up my alley. Then one day, I saw a post on Facebook about She Was Pretty. The photo was Park Seo Joon and his leading lady. I thought he had a new show (or just finished one) so I immediately watched it on Netflix. Then I found out it was his show back in 2015. But since I had already started watching, might as well just finish it. 

The first few episodes were blah. Also, the female lead was annoying. Her voice was annoying. But I kept watching because hello, Park Seo Joon. But when it reached the 5th or 6th episode, I started to realise that the second male lead was kinda cute. See, I couldn't really tell yet because I prefer clean looking guys than rugged guys but there was just something about the second male lead that made him extra interesting. He's so out there with his comedic ways yet he's been hiding in plain sight all this time. Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

Among all the Korean actors I have watched so far, this second male lead Siwon Choi, has the best facial expressions - and I mean best. He can be extremely comedic and be dashing the next second.

If you have seen both What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and She Was Pretty, you'd say the story line is quite similar - except that She Was Pretty had an amazing second male lead. If I were actually to choose between Park Seo Joon and Siwon Choi (in this show), I'd choose Siwon. I mean, he liked the girl for who she was. Even when she didn't look pretty - whereas Park Seo Joon who only concretely paid attention to her when she revamped herself. But then Siwon played the friend card to get close to the girl which is probably why he ended up in the friend zone as well. But man, all the efforts he did for the girl in this show were heart melting to the point that you'd tell the girl why can't she just choose this guy over her petty puppy love.

This show is basically about a pretty girl who had a puppy love with a chubby boy. The boy left for the US then came back to Korea more than 10 years later and wanted to reconnect. The then-pretty girl is no longer pretty now due to unforeseen circumstances in her life. She asked her pretty best friend to pretend to be her and meet up with her puppy love upon finding out that chubby boy turned out to be a handsome man now! Things get crazy as the best friend continues pretending to be her and falls for the chubby boy while the lead girl works for a Magazine and has her puppy love as her boss. Siwon Choi gets involved as the shoulder to cry on/older brother/closest officemate for the main female character and her best friend (as a VIP hotel guest). It's the usual happy ending story. But this time around though, I wanted it to end differently.

Park Seo Joon was still hot as ever in this show. This is the first time I have watched Siwon Choi ever and he did not disappoint. I actually like this show so much because of him and not because of PSJ. It's also because of this show that made me watch all the other shows of Siwon Choi.

If you miss What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, you can watch this show. Just don't expect too much and just ignore the female lead as her voice is really annoying. You'll get through it. Others kept playing fast forward. LOL!

What's in My LV Cosmetic Pouch?

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I recently changed my makeup kit and most of the items in it cos I have been putting minimal makeup in the past years. I ditched the brow powder as I had my brows done for that literal "woke u like this" brows/look.

Feel Like Meghan Markle with the Strathberry Midi Tote

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Strathberry Midi Tote #strathberry

After what feels like a lifetime, I’m trying to blog again. Let’s see if I can fully commit myself to being a blogger again. But trust me, I have been itching to write. For years.

For a change, let me write about a purse - one of 2018’s hyped bag/brand because of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.i have known of the brand’s existence since I saw it from The Bag Hag’s IG (maybe 2016 or 2017). But it only really caught my attention when I saw Meghan carrying this wearing her emerald green dress. That’s my color palette.

And because I felt like I did not have a designer bag in tan on rotation, I decided to get this bag instead. It wasn’t easy. It was sold out for months because like I said, it was really hyped up. I think any brand seen on Royals automatically shoots up. When I was notified that it was back in stock at Strathberry’s US website, I almost checked out. But then I suddenly remembered that there is Strathberry at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. So, I got in touch with Lane Crawford HK and told them to hold the bag for me. I’m so thankful cos they do not usually allow this given it’s the last stock and the most saleable color! After a few days, I finally got the bag! So, a big thank you to Lane Crawford HK!

Okay now, on to the bag.  If you are working in a corporate world, this is a great bag because it’s structured and it means business. Yes, you can still use this even when you are dressed down but it just looks way better when you are a bit dressed up. It has a detachable strap that you can use when you want to wear this as a crossbody but I do not recommend you do that as they have not perfected the hook part of the straps. I feel like it deforms the bag eventually.

The size. I got the midi tote which is medium I suppose. But since it has a bar closure for the handles, you won’t be able to maximise the usual tote space. You can fit the essentials and that’s about it. But then I may have one too many essentials though! Other times, I think I should have gotten the bigger one. But since it’s really aethetically pleasing to the eyes, fine. Midi tote it is. Maganda talga when worn, promise.

Now the leather texture. For a bag that costs HKD5,400, I was not expecting the leather to feel cheap. Yes, I said it. Cheap. It feels like one scratch and the leather will break apart. The softness of the leather makes it feel cheap rather than expensive. I mean, the Gucci’s matelasse is soft but does not feel cheap. When I was rummaging my closet decluttering, I saw an old bag I bought from Zara. And wow, same leather with my Strathberry. But for a fraction of a price. My overexcitement got the best of me that I only noticed the leather when I started using it.

So, there. If you still want the Tote series from Strathberry, consider the leather. Tan comes in two types of leather - the normal one and the bridled leather. The latter is more expensive. Have not seen it in person but I hope the price tag can justify the type of leather. If you will use this as an office bag, go for the bigger one. If you will use this as a casual bag, go for the nano. It’s trendier with its chain strap.

Strathberry is not available in the Philippines but you can purchase it from neighoring Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

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Mother-K Breastmilk Storage Bags

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The second brand of breastmilk bag that I have tried is from Mother-K. I noticed that this breastmilk  bag is usually on the Top 3 of breastfeeding mothers' favourite breastmilk bags here in the Philippines. It's a Korean brand and I have been obsessed with baby stuff from Korea. I just think they're well-thought of.

Mother-K can store up to 7oz of breastmilk. It has double zips to ensure no leaking. And it also has a color indicator to determine whether the milk is too cold or too warm.

Quite honestly, I never got around finding if the color changes because I used them mainly to store my breastmilk and kept them in the deep freezer. We thaw the breastmilk overnight for tomorrow's use and my husband transfers the milk from the bag to the bottle.

We never experience any leaks with this breastmilk bag which makes it my husband's favourite but if you're storing more than 3oz in a bag, it's quite impossible to freeze it flat. It tends to be bulky. Also, since it has a capacity of 7oz, you must only put 2/3 of 7oz in the bag if you will be freezing it as it will expand. Not filling it up to them brink gives space for the milk to expand when it freezes.

The material is thick but thaws quite fast. It's also quite affordable at PhP379 per box for 30 pieces of breastmilk bags.

Mother-K breastmilk storage bag can be purchased at Baby Company and Mothercare.

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Skincare During Pregnancy

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There were a lot of stuff I couldn't use when I was pregnant. First off, I basically couldn't use 99% of my skin care because they all had whitening properties which is a no-no for pregnant women. I also had to make sure the ingredients didn't have paraben etc etc. Good thing, I didn't really break out during my pregnancy so I didn't use much. I just mainly washed my face with water regularly.

But on day when I had to put makeup, I used Bioderma micellar water toremove my makeup and Bioré's foam facial wash.

The two products above are safe for pregnant women and they have kept my face clean! Of course, I still used them in moderation and I hardly wore makeup when I was pregnant except for filing in my brows.

You're growing a human being inside of you so you better make sure of the products that you use because they are being absorbed by the unborn baby.

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Mommy Diaries: Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle

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One of the difficulties of taking care of a baby is pacifying them or stopping them from crying. Since they still can't talk, it's pretty much a trial and error scenario on what to do with your baby to calm them down. Add the fact that they sometimes cry non-stop because they are unable to catch their sleep.

When my baby had her newborn shoot (at 2 weeks old), we were wondering how the photographers would make them sleep. They had different sounds all over the place and we kept no hearing this loud human shush from nowhere. It wasn't the photographer shushing my baby to sleep. Then we saw this rocket-shaped like thing on the floor.

The next thing I knew, I was searching where to purchase one.

Baby Shusher - The Sleep Miracle makes a human shush sound that calms your crying baby and puts them to sleep. It might sound too good to be true but it actually works. Newborn photographers use this to help them keep the baby asleep while shooting.

It has two cycles: 15minutes and 30 minutes. Twist to turn on the Baby Shusher and twist the bottom to adjust the volume. Mak sure that the shutter is placed near the baby or that it's a sound going to your baby's ear instead of a sound far away from your baby. Your baby might think of it as a sound part of the surrounding.

That's my baby sound asleep because of Baby Shusher. She was 1 and a half month old at that time. We still use the Baby Shusher until now and we even bring it along with us when we go out. There's just less crying with Baby Shusher.

Baby Shusher is available at or on Instagram (@MilkinMommies).

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Introducing the New Beauty Trend: The #MakeITHappen Attitude and the ‘Maker’ Mindset*

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Maybelline New York partners with 10 inspiring Filipinas as they share their #makeithappen stories

Manila, 2017- Today’s young Filipinas are more empowered than ever. They express themselves stronger than ever – whether in beauty, in fashion, even in their thoughts. They know what they want and how to be in control, and sometimes, the only thing that they need is a dose of inspiration to push them forward to make their dreams happen – and Maybelline New York, the world’s no. 1 makeup brand, perfectly knows that.

Apart from believing in the transformative power of beauty and using the energy of New York to make dreams happen, Maybelline knows that being a venue to share the stories of young successful women is what every Filipina needs to carve out a name for themselves and make IT happen. That is why this year, Maybelline New York takes it a notch higher and brings forth its ‘make IT happen’ movement as it partners with 10 young Filipina ‘Makers’ by giving them a venue to share their inspirational stories. 

“Maybelline has always believed in the power of beauty to make things happen. We want our message on empowerment and possibilities to be a part of every young Filipina’s narrative,” shared Cary Co, Marketing Director for Maybelline Philippines. “Our partnership with these 10 girls signals our commitments to bring forth what we truly mean by ‘Make IT Happen.’ We hope that by giving these girls a venue to share their stories, we are able to inspire other girls to make their own stories of success happen.”

Maybelline has partnered with these 10 young Filipina Makers to share their own make it happen stories:

Photographer Sara Black on her “Make Imagination Happen” story
Celebrity Stylist Kimi Yap on her “Make Confidence Happen” story
Fashion Designer Rosenthal Tee on her “Make Fashion Happen” story
Model Maureen Wroblewitz on her “Make Bold Happen” story
Calligrapher Alexis Ventura on her “Make Creativity Happen” story
Athlete Denisse Lazaro on her “Make Strength Happen” story
Education Advocate Arizza Nocum on her “Make Change Happen” story
Blogger Lissa Kahayon on her “Make Ambitious Happen” story
Fitness Guru Ida Paras on her “Make Determination Happen” story
Filmmaker Janina Manipol on her “Make Dedication Happen” story

“Being a fashion designer and blogger gives me an opportunity to express myself and share bits of my life to my readers. Being recognized and appreciated for what I do also drives me to succeed and to strive to be better in what I do. I’ve allowed myself to take risks, accept challenges, and dream big,” shared Lissa Kahayon.

Drawing inspiration from within, Sara Black professional photographer shares that she makes imagination happen, through visualizing the image in her mind and translating it into reality through a photograph. “What drives me is the need to stay current and putting my best work forward. Never be complacent,” shared Black. 

As an artist and entrepreneur, Alexis Ventura transformed her hobby into a business, but not without the challenges that this brings. She shares that “though turning a hobby into a business is a blessing, finding the right opportunities to develop myself and my team was not easy. Working to reach big dreams with limited resources allows us to be even more creative with our solutions”. 

These are only but a glimpse of the many Make It Happen stories that Maybelline is set to share to young Filipinas through its ‘Maker’ campaign. To know more about the Maybelline Maker campaign visit and watch the latest Maybelline global anthem here:

It’s time to unleash the Maker in you and #makeithappen! Keep visiting

* PR article

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