Friday, July 25, 2014

Pampering Time at Takshing Health Care and Beauty Center

I received Takshing GCs from Sample Room last month.  It got me curious because it was the first time I've heard of Takshing and electrotherapy massage. Say what now?

I immediately searched on everyone's online best friend, Google.  Found Takshing's website and finally was able to get some clarity on electrotherapy massage.

What is electrotherapy massage exactly?

Food Escapade at Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters

Foodie Friday

There are a lot of third-wave coffee shops opening around the Metro.  Athough it's not exactly a bad thing, sometimes you just can't keep up with all them coffee shops.  And I'm trying my best to visit every coffee shop.  I got this idea from a very good friend of mine!

I found out about Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters though on Instagram.  I was checking the photos that hit the popular page and I saw a photo that pretty much reminded me of NYC Subway only it's a coffee shop.  Yeh, it pretty much gives that vibe.  I clicked on the photo and location of the coffee shop.  What excited me more was that it's located inside a mall!  I went to that branch to see what's up but it was wrong timing as we just had early dinner and we were too full to even take anything.  Also, it's designed as a walk-thru coffee shop.  You basically have your coffee to go.

So, we visited their other branch located somewhere in Salcedo Village.

What's else could be on the menu of a coffee shop?

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Scent to Love: Clean Perfume

When I was younger, I used to have crushes on guys for the sole reason that they smell good. There's something about a scent of a person that draws me to them. This is not limited to living things only. I also have a bad habit smelling the food before tasting it. If I don't like the smell, I will not eat it. 

So, you see, I have a thing for things (living and non-living) that smell good. This also means that I like to smell good all of the time. Yes, all of the time.

I'm one of those people who practically can not live without perfume or cologne. I've kind of grown out a bit of this habit but there are still days when I feel that something is missing just because I forgot to spray on some scent on my skin or clothes.

I always get questions about the perfume I wear. Sometimes, I tell people. Often times, I don't. I half-kid that it's my secret weapon (it kinda is though). I don't know, it's just that I think disclosing the perfume I use is too personal and I will have to answer the question Why. Okay, a little trivia here: I've been using men's perfume for the longest time. It's only when I started working that I slowly shifted to women's perfumes. So, now I thought of sharing with you one of the scents that I've been wearing lately. Just because.

Clean's Fresh Laundry

Do I smell like Fresh Laundry?
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