L'Oreal Mat Magique BB Veil*

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Every time I'm inside SM Beauty store or something similar, I always tell myself that I do not have enough powders. I really think I don't. But then again it's because of the fact that I prefer that my liquid foundation has a setting powder partner. It just makes sense that way, right?

When I received this powder from L'Oreal, I wasn't expecting much since I didn't like its powder foundation counterpart.

But one day, I couldn't think of what setting powder to use with my newly acquired liquid foundation. I remember that I have this Mat Magique BB Veil. Finally gave it a try!

Zenutrients Tea Tree Scalp Care Shampoo & Conditioner

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I had an organic hair care phase ever since I had Keratin treatment last May. Thinking about it now, I shouldn't have had that treatment because it has caused me more hair problems. For one thing, I was restricted to using organic shampoo and conditioner. I was always on the look out even though I still had bottles to last me for a year.

When we were invited to Zenutrients' HQ, I got myself these Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner cos they do not has SLS. This combination is also meant to treat your scalp problems [if you have any].

My bottles are only 1/3 full and I've stopped using these because I had to try out other shampoos. I liked this variant of hair care from Zenutrients especially when I just had my Keratin treatment. It did keep the treatment in place because it's SLS-free. I love the minty feeling, too!

Forgot the prices of these but they are less than PhP200 per bottle. It's very affordable for an organic brand.

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Beauty Budget Series: Quick FX CC Cream

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It's been a while since I've had a beauty budget post. I've been road testing several drugstore makeup brands but they do not seem cut out for my beauty budget category. 

Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of CC creams. I'm not sold on having a bright face. CC cream stands for colour correcting. Unlike BB cream [which acts more like a tinted moisturiser infused with several skin care ingredients], CC cream is lighter to the point that it almost doesn't give coverage. However, it gives you a brighter face because it corrects redness and dullness on your face.

I was killing time inside Watson's with my mom and I saw this Quick FX CC cream. Methinks this is a new product. I've never seen this before. The last time I purchased a Quick FX product, their price was PhP50 flat. I was surprised when I found out that this CC cream costs PhP89 per sachet!


Being a non-fan of CC cream, do you think I liked this? Well, the title of this post is a giveaway. But go ahead and find out after the jump why!

Join the #DoveDeoGetaway

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Last week, Dove had an intimate event to announce their exciting giveaway! Oh, I tell you this one is an exciting one!

Basing from this picture and the title of this post, do you already have a clue?

Soft Skin Made Easy with Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion*

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Last August, Jergens released a new variant of their most loved lotion - Hydrating Coconut!

There are a lot of lotions out there but what makes Jergens Hydrating Coconut is that it's infused with coconut oil and coconut water that releases that fresh scent. Surprisingly, the scent is not overwhelming. I love smelling this lotion compared to other coconut scented lotions! 

This lotion also has an exclusive Jergens® Hydralucence™ blend that keeps our skin moisturised and not looking dull at all! Expect ultra hydration with this lotion. But of course, you don't need to worry about it being sticky because Jergens lotion is not sticky. You can use this even with this Manila heat!

Jergens is available at all leading department stores nationwide. Prices vary per lotion variant.

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Uboxing the (2015) November BDJ Elite Box: Sugar Spice and Everything Nice*

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This month's box came earlier than expected! It's another exclusive box in collaboration with Pink Sugar Cosmetics!

Pink Sugar Cosmetics is a local brand that officially launched last month here in the Philippines. Currently, it's available at SM Beauty stores and selected Watson's branches.

But yes, let's go back to the unboxing, shall we?

November BDJ Elite Box Pink Sugar Cosmetics

No skincare. All makeup products in full size! I'm hooked!

Ask Me Mondays: On Haters

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Why does it seem like you have a lot of haters? Okay naman ang blog mo. :(
- Katy Katy

Hi Katy,
Thanks for this question. I knew a question like this would pop out. LOL. When I first started beauty blogging, I never really thought of having haters because I had a bigger thing in mind which was thinking of what product to feature on my blog. Hundreds of posts later, baaaaam, I've got haters.

You see, I was able to track down these haters then. As it turn outs, these are not the readers of this blog. It's either someone who knows me personally or someone who knows of me. When I started blogging, I tried my best to keep it a secret to my friends. So, imagine if someone who knows of you finds out about your blog - it only means one thing - they search about you. What baffles me though is why people search/search people they claim to hate. I'm human and guilty of hating on other people, too. Come on, we all hated on people at one point. Don't even deny it. But I don't google them. I don't see the point. There were also a few bloggers who seem to dislike me describing me explicitly on Facebook Group pages as if I won't be able to read it. Then, they have the guts to comment on my blog posts thanking me for a very nice review. I'm like, "Whyyyyyy you so two-faced, aye?"

As for those who only know about me because of the existence of this blog and dislikes me, well, thanks. Someone once told me, "if they hate you, then it means you made it because you've got something they'd kill to have." I even got a question as to why I get invited to events and I don't even dress up or put makeup on. Thanks for caring more than I care about how I look. Some people just really feel entitled about their "opinions" which are all invalid to me.

If I were asked this question 5 years ago, I'd probably answer with a 10 pager essay. But since I'm wiser now, I've learned the art of deadma. I can't please everyone no matter how I try. That's just how the world works. All I do now is that if I sense someone or even a co-blogger who doesn't seem to like me, I don't mind them. I don't even disturb them. After all, it's a win-win situation for me. I'm on your mind and you visit this blog and add to my hits. As I said, turn the negative notes to a positive one =)

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