Matte-nificent Red Lipsticks!*

With the recently concluded L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Matte Reds giveaway, a lot of women got so hyped up guessing the correct name of the collection! It was such a fun giveaway! When I found out that the focus of this collection were red shades, I only hoped for one thing - that I'll find the red shade I'm looking for. I want a specific red shade and I already have it in different brands but if you were to give me another one, who am I to refuse? I love the variety (of brands)!

L'Oreal Paris Start Collection Matte Reds

When I saw the lipsticks on Instgram, I already knew which one I was gunning for. I'm glad they L'Oreal released that shade!



Last month's blog sale was successful. Thank you to everyone that adopted my beloved makeup! I'm having another blog sale because we're starting to pack our stuff (again). We're moving to another place real soon (where my makeup will be stored in balikbayan boxes again. We just got rid of our wooden dining set and we're hopeful to liquidate our couch before the month ends! So, guys if you're looking for home stuff, please send me a message! LOL.

But for now, we deal with makeup here =)

This is batch one because these are the products I saw in my room. Batch two might be posted by the end of the month (or maybe not at all). All brand new items were purchased in between October 2014 up to June 2015. My mom was able to convince me to sell majority of my makeup and told me to focus on skincare!

So, just click read more to see what I'm selling!

Multiple Giveaways for the Month of July 2015!


Are you sensing what I'm sensing? There's another upcoming giveaway on top of the usual Commenter of the Month! Also, there will be two Commenters of the Month for July!

Find out what's in store after the jump!

Unboxing the (2015) June BDJ Box: Bare Beautiful Skin*

When I found out over the weekend that the BDJ Box for June was finally shipped, I couldn't help but ask if I have a package waiting for me at my shipping address. But we were all gone during the weekend so it was either no one was there to receive it or it was only shipped today. When I found out this morning that a package was delivered to me, I wanted to go home right away to confirm if it's the latest BDJ Box. But I was able to wait until I was off the clock!

So, yes, this is an unboxing post! The only unboxing post for subscription boxes you'll see in this blog!

A Bioderma Exclusive.

Food Escapade at Din Tai Fung

The first meal we had when we arrived in Singapore was xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung. I've eaten here several times but it was L's first time to try this restaurant. It was just across our hotel so I dragged him to Din Tai Fung without giving him other choices. Haha!

I love Xiao Long Bao!

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks*

Straight from the hottest trends of New York Fashion Week to this season's spring scenery, the latest lip collection from the number 1 and most loved color cosmetics brand, Maybelline New York, is the perfect juxtaposition of downright fierce and irresistibly flirtatious. This season, it's time for pastels to rebel with Color Sensational - Maybelline New York's power lip franchise - at the helm of 11 new vivacious shades brings you Rebel Bouquet.

These Rebel Bouquet lipsticks were released in Manila last June 1 only. I was so excited when I received these lipsticks because they were in a bouquet surrounded by roses. And hello, receiving 11 lipsticks? Who wouldn't be excited with that?! So, guys, this post is a swatch fest!

Getting Hitched Series: Finding the Right Makeup Artist on Your Wedding Day

When we were planning our wedding, I noticed that a big percentage of upcoming brides do not give much thought on who their makeup artist and hair stylist will be on their wedding day. As long as they find a person who can do nice makeup on others, that's good enough to hire them on your big day. On top of that, the major concern is the budget for hair and makeup.

To all upcoming brides, I hope this post will make you consider why you should hire a professional wedding makeup artist and why you deserve to spend for it on one of your most memorable days in life.

One of my last photos before I left The Peninsula Manila to go to the church.