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Summer in Manila has got to be my least favourite now. I love summer in general but the heat is just intolerable. Imagine sweating a few seconds right after you take a shower. It's that hot in Manila right now. Taking a shower twice is not even enough to feel refreshed.

Today, I'd like to share my current bath staple. I've been using some of these products since last year and they've become a mainstay because I just love them so much!

Food Escapade at Marché Restaurant

People have different ways of spending their 30th birthday. But most of the stories I've heard were people throwing grand parties to celebrate it. I didn't want to have a grand birthday party or anything close to that as I really think I've graduated from throwing birthday parties. While most people succumb the "maturity" or "responsibility" that comes with the age of 30, I decide to re-live my teen years and spend the day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Then have my birthday dinner at Marché in Vivo City.

I love this market-restaurant concept!

Mini Giveaway: Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks!


Maybelline Philippines is kind enough to send me 5 Color Show lipsticks to giveaway to my readers. This giveaway will be held on Instagram and Facebook. You can join both on Instagram and Facebook for more chances of winning.

Simple mechanics as always!

For Instagram:
1. Follow @raregem and @maybellineph.
2. Regram my photo on your Instagram and tag me, Maybelline Philippines and use the hashtag #MaybellineMakeupMadness
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April 2015's Commenter of the Month and What's in Store for May's Commenter of the Month!


April was a blast! I was able to publish 18 entries on this blog! 18! That's a milestone for me since I can't blog everyday. But I'm trying to put my A-game on this blog (and on myself) because I have a lot of backlogs. I'm hoping I'll be able to publish more than 18 entries this month.

Apologies for the not-so clear photo above but all of that is what's in store for May's Commenter of the Month. I won't be enumerating it this time so there's a bit of a thrill when she gets her package in June.

But wait! There's more!

I'm feeling extra generous today with all the great things happening lately (in this blog and in my life). That' said, I'm giving away Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum to one lucky person. I've used this before and I loved it. This is one of the first high-end serums I have tried, if I recall correctly.

All you gotta do to win the serum is answer this question:

What do you like about this blog and
what is your favourite post (if any)?
Leave your answer on the comments section below.

There are just simple mechanics that you have to follow:
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** optional

I'd like to reiterate though that I don't base this on the number of comments you leave on this blog.  If you comment on my blog as if your comments are spam, do not be offended if I don't pick you.  Quality over quantity.  Over and over again.  I'd like to thank those who continually visit this blog.  I feel like you guys are my dailies cos we converse quite often through this blog.

It might be possible that the Commenter of the Month for May could bag the Guerlain serum. I'll choose the best and honest-sounding answer!

For April's Commenter of the Month, it is no other than:


I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get the chance. I hope you'll love this Maybelline loot! Please email me your full name, shipping address, and mobile address at by May 8!

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Great Sale Madness from Our Favorite Drugstore Brands!


The sale is on for L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York for the whole month of May!  For L'Oreal Paris, it's their Great Sale because they know that every Filipino is worth it!  The Tru Match foundation is down to PhP600. Mat Magique is down to PhP400. Their lipstick and eyeliners are now Php400 a pop! Miss Manga Mascara and their Mat Magique BB Veil should be in their counters now for PhP500 and PhP300. Their hair color is on sale, too1!

For Maybelline New York's biggest sale aka #MaybllineMakeupMadness, they are slashing Php100 off on all of their bestseller products! Their Dream Liquid Mousse is on sale for half the price!

It really is the right month to buy makeup from these drugstore brands. I can now see where a portion of your bonus is going! Happy shopping ladies! Let me know if you hoarded =)

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Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Launch

Heroine Make is one of my favourites Japanese makeup brands to date. I know I haven't done any review about the Heroine Make products I received from BDJ. If we're close, then you'd know why I'm having difficulties reviewing products I received in 2014. But hey, I'm moving to another place again so I might just be able open my balikbayan boxes full of beauty products.

When I received an invite from Heroine Make, I confirmed my attendance immediately.  Besides, it was during the weekend so it was an awesome day to attend an event. The event was held at Mandom Philippines' head office in Makati.

Heroine Make finally comes up with an eyeshadow palette

Foolproof Sunscreen Products for Summer!


Two more nights to go and it's Laboracay weekend! Those that are going have probably packed their stuff already but I know there are still others that haven't even started packing. Well, well, well. This post might just be of help to those who'll be in the beach this Labor Day weekend.

Just a little info about me - I don't use sunscreen everyday. I only use it during summer or when I'm going to the beach or going to another tropical country.  It's probably why I'm a bit picky when it comes to products with SPF because I can easily tell when my skin gets dark. I want something that really works.

I have here 4 foolproof sunscreen products that you can use to to keep your face and body from getting burned.

Belo Essentials released a new sunscreen this summer which is their Sun Expert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++*. Those that do not like applying the lotion type of sunscreen will love this. I've used this for five days straight when I was in Singapore last Holy Week and I didn't get dark at all. Another thing that I like about this spray is that it's not sticky nor oily. It also gives this sheen effect that your skin is glowing. You can also use this for your face but I haven't tried this on my face yet as I use foundation with SPF.  This spray is also safe for kids. I'm not sure why there is a claim that it is safe to use on kids - perhaps other sunscreen spray products aren't. Beats me.

Daylong's Light Gel* for the face and body also has SPF 50 PA+++. If you prefer the lotion type than spray, then this could be the right one for you. It's also not sticky nor oily and dries matte on skin. It's non-comedogenic so your pores won't be clogged by using this!

If you want a sunscreen that is specifically for your face only, then you can try Avene's Very High Protection Cream*. It also has SPF 50 PA+++. It's white but the color disappears when you apply it to your face. It also smells good but not exactly a strong scent. If you're not into makeup but want protection on your face, then use this. SPF 50 should be enough.

Now, if you want some coverage on your face, you can use a foundation with high SPF. Shiseido's UV Protective Liquid Foundation with SPF 43 PA+++ is your go-to product. It has 6 shades to choose from. I feel that it's water resistant and stays on your face the whole day. I swear, I don't know how that's even possible. As in it stays on your face. It also dries matte (which I love) so it's ok if you don't set it with powder. It can set by itself. You might be wondering why I'm even recommending this but trust me, there are ladies that wear makeup even on the beach. It's probably not the norm but there's nothing wrong with that.

Time to enjoy summer without burning your skin!

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